Premier League clubs are worried that Saudi Arabia is about to extend it’s transfer deadline, as Al Ittihad pursue Mohamed Salah.

As things stand, the final day for arrivals to be registered in Saudi Arabia’s top flight is this Thursday, September 7th.

However, as Liverpool brace themselves for a second bid for Salah, journalist Graeme Bailey says they might have to be wary even beyond this.

Mo Salah
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“It’s interesting this deadline. The Saudi Pro League confirmed the 7th. There is a suspicion though, FIFA still have it registered as the 20th,” Bailey told 90min’s Talking Transfers Podcast.

“If the Pro League were inclined, they can sign players after this date. I’m told that by a number of English clubs. They fear that if the Saudi clubs get an injury, they could come and raid the Premier League again.

“The Pro League are insisting, so we’ll take their word that it’s the 7th. But FIFA have them up until the 20th.

“Will the Salah situation be finished by Thursday? Let’s see.”

Saudi deadline shrouded in mystery

There has been a little bit of fuzzy reporting on exactly when the window closes in Saudi Arabia.

It had initially seemed like the 20th was the magic day to look out for. However, reports over the past few days have brought this forward to the 7th.

Judging from Bailey’s words, it seems as though it still isn’t especially clear what’s going on.

Mo Salah
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Perhaps that’s deliberate by the Saudi clubs. As the journalist points out, in the event of any injury issues, they can then simply use the longer window.

From a Liverpool point of view, it hopefully shouldn’t change much. Salah isn’t for sale. That won’t change in two weeks.

Nevertheless, given the reporting we’ve seen on the situation over the past couple of weeks, it’s inevitably going to prove a continued distraction.

So far, Mo has handled the whole thing pretty well, although it would be nice to hear from him at some point. But the longer it goes on, the more potential for unrest is created. Let’s hope they stick to that Thursday deadline.

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