Jude Bellingham has just sorted Liverpool's next three transfer windows for them - RTK View


Jude Bellingham has just sorted Liverpool's next three transfer windows for them - RTK View

Jude Bellingham has sorted Liverpool’s next three transfer windows with his reported decision. The Reds must sign this player.

“The only future I think of is the next game for Dortmund,” Jude Bellingham told Ruhr Nachrichten this week. “I’m really looking forward to next season. I can’t wait for it to finally start.

“But yes, I’ll be here next season, and I’ll be ready.”

It’s not exactly a shock that Bellingham will stick with Borussia Dortmund. They’re losing Erling Haaland this summer, after all, and that will have made selling their other star asset difficult. They don’t exactly need the money right now, nor to completely tear up their team.

Sportbild reported at the end of March that Dortmund didn’t want to sell until 2023 at the earliest. Bellingham is quite plainly on board with that, too. As, we imagine, are Liverpool.

Sportbild’s report mentions the Reds as keen admirers of Bellingham – along with everyone else, admittedly – and we believe his decision to stick until 2023 works out perfectly.

Jude Bellingham sorts Liverpool’s transfer windows

We’ve written before that the 2023 timing is perfect for Liverpool and we can now lock that in. The Reds have several contracts expiring that year and we imagine there will be something of a shakeup at the club.

Not only that but the likes of Jordan Henderson and Thiago will be 32 – it could be time for the next generation of midfielders to take over. There is literally no one on the planet more-suited to that than Bellingham.

Photo by Alexandre Simoes/Borussia Dortmund via Getty Images

He’s got the youth, he’s got the right style of play and he’s unquestionably got the talent. For someone who could be Liverpool’s first £100m signing, we think he’s worth waiting for.

And that’s why this affects the Reds’ next three transfer windows. They shouldn’t sign anyone to get in Bellingham’s way over the next two, nor should they bleed their accounts dry with expensive signings. The squad is strong enough to wait for Bellingham and we wholeheartedly believe he’s worth it.

Jadon Sancho says he’s ‘world-class’, and Haaland says he’s ‘phenomenal’. While those two are busy playing in Manchester, the Reds should do all they can to get Bellingham to Merseyside.

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