Should Liverpool move for Jude Bellingham at £100m? The Reds could break that barrier for the teenager.

There’s a little bit of hype around Liverpool potentially moving for Jude Bellingham. But then, hype follows Bellingham around these days.

He’s established as one of the world’s most promising young footballers, seemingly capable of doing everything on a pitch. Bellingham is shining for Borussia Dortmund already – and he’s yet to turn 19.

Now, former footballer Craig Hignett told BBC Radio Merseyside this week that he’s head talk of Bellingham joining Liverpool. We know the Reds have interest, too.

Borussia Dortmund director Sebastian Kehl recently called them out on that. Sport1 carry the quotes and claim Bellingham would cost around £100m.

Liverpool have never spent that much on a player, though. The £75m they paid Southampton for Virgil van Dijk remains their transfer record.

So would Bellingham be worth it? Should Liverpool make him their all-time record transfer?

Is Bellingham worth £100m?

People have a habit of looking at transfers like this and saying ‘he’d be a 15-year guarantee!’ and making it sound like a bargain. After all, giving yourself an elite midfielder for 15 years is a wonderful thing and it would make £100m seem quite small.

But it almost never works out that way. For one thing, Bellingham is absolutely not worth £100m right now – he’s worth that because of his potential.

Few players actually meet their potential, however. Take one that’s close to Liverpool – Raheem Sterling.

Manchester City paid a big fee to sign him in 2015 but here we are six years later and they’re ready to part ways. They didn’t get 10 years out of the player, even if it seemed like a sure thing at the time.

Determining Bellingham’s value, then, means figuring out how likely he is to fulfil his potential. Fortunately, we think it’s pretty likely.

To use the Sterling example again, he thrived with his pace and trickery but those are easier to show at an early age. An 18-year-old can be lightning quick but they’re rarely mature players.

Bellingham comes out on top of our list of potential Jordan Henderson replacements
Photo by Alex Gottschalk/DeFodi Images via Getty Images

Bellingham, playing in midfield, shows maturity far beyond his years. He doesn’t look like a young player at all.

When that’s your greatest strength, you can feel quite secure that improvement is on the way. After all, Bellingham will only gain experience and learn more – that’s a guarantee. You can be pretty certain that he’ll be a star in 10 years.

The are other factors here, though. Bellingham certainly fits in with Liverpool’s style of play – he’s got the energy to press high, while his all-around game is perfect for the Reds’ all-action midfield.

As for need, both Jordan Henderson and Thiago are beyond 30. They’ve got three or four years left before things start to fade – ideal timing for a young Bellingham to make midfield his own.

There’s a lot about this that makes sense, then. Bellingham is very gifted, capable of contributing right away, his style worked with Liverpool and the squad could use a player like him.

We highly doubt Liverpool will find a stronger argument for their first £100m player.

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