They hate us, don’t they? We, The Unbearables. Liverpool are currently nine points clear of Premier League champions Manchester City, eight points clear of second placed Leicester City. However, despite the Reds’ utter dominance of the Premier League in recent months, rival fans still cry foul. The VAR debate is evidence that opposition supporters will never believe the Liverpool hype.

The VAR debate has shown that rival fans will never believe the Liverpool hype.

The VAR debate has shown that rival fans will never believe the Liverpool hype. (Photo by Chloe Knott – Danehouse/Getty Images)

Just one search on Twitter of the portmanteau ‘LiVARpool’ will show you how desperate the football community is to snatch Jürgen Klopp’s success away from him, how desperate they are to undermine our position.

There is great irony to be found in the mountains of fans claiming that VAR has handed us the league title. Before the start of this season, the same fans were saying that VAR would stop us ever winning another game. For years they believed we had every bad decision possible go in our favour, certain that this season would the conspiracy.

However, statistics have been proved right. All that VAR has served to do is emphasise our superiority, it has prevented our rivals from clinching illegal winning goals, Manchester City against Spurs a case in point.


In 2018 a study by ESPN and The University of Bath revealed that refereeing errors had robbed Liverpool of a staggering 12 points in the 2017/18 season. Now that VAR is in play, there are safeguards against these errors.

The most recent controversy has been the decision to not award Manchester City a penalty against Liverpool. Fans have slated VAR for not leaping to City’s aid when the ball struck Trent Alexander-Arnold’s arm. The same fans have completely ignored the fact that the ball struck Bernardo Silva’s arm on the way.

It is bizarre how often these fans will flip flop to avoid accepting the might of this Liverpool side, it is borderline cognitive dissonance. The VAR debate proves that the Reds will simply never get the credit they deserve from some of the football community.

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