Social media is a dangerous thing. Twitter in particular can create bandwagons that become fact as long as they go sufficiently unchallenged. One such bandwagon is the notion of Liverpool fans as the worst in the world, as “unbearable”.

This particular movement believes we are the worst fans around because we don’t shut up about our successes. Would you ever shut up about Istanbul? We have embraced the tag of “The Unbearables” because we know that it says a lot more about other fans’ knowledge than it says about our character. We know they’re jealous.

Kopites have embraces the unbearable myth. This banner highlights its roots in jealousy. (Photo by Simon Stacpoole/Offside/Offside via Getty Images)

The key issue with the unbearables myth is English football’s insistence on borrowing from Liverpool. Now, I am not saying that we were the first to sing the tune of Allez allez allez or Si señor or the Rafa la bamba. However, it can’t be denied that Kopites popularised these songs in English. The same supporters that will call us unbearable are the ones appropriating Liverpool fan culture. Wolves fans will call us every name under the sun then sing a second rate Si señor to Raul Jimenez. Allez allez allez has been taken on by absolutely everybody. The tune of the Rafa la bamba has seen a recent resurgence with teams such as Leicester adopting it.


One thing underpins the unbearables myth. Jealousy. Liverpool have a fan culture that English supporters fetishise when they see it abroad in the likes of Borussia Dortmund and Boca Juniors. If it is on English shores, why can’t they have it too? They are jealous of Anfield nights under the lights, they are jealous of us writing the best songs sung on English terraces, they are jealous of our success and they can’t bear it. We are the unbearables and we are here to stay.

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