Liverpool need to sell Lazar Markovic as soon as possible

Alex Rogers vents his frustration at the fact that Lazar Markovic is still at Liverpool.

The year is 2014. Liverpool have just made the £20million signing of a promising young winger from Benfica. The signing is seen as quite the coup, the player has been causing quite a stir for a while now and it’s seen as a promising sign for the future at Liverpool.

Fast forward four years and where is this player that showed so much promise? Maybe he’s cemented himself as a guaranteed starter for us? Or maybe he’s moved on in his career in search of a new challenge?

Well, actually, he’s just been demoted to our U23 team. If you haven’t guessed who this mystery player is, it’s none other than Lazar Markovic.

No matter your thoughts on Markovic, it’s simply undeniable that he’s squandered his time at Liverpool. For a player that showed so much promise as a teenager, seeing him rot with our academy players seems such a waste of talent.

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Just last month, it seemed Lazar had the opportunity to leave Liverpool to reignite his stalled career through Anderlecht. A £2.9million fee had been agreed and it almost seemed certain that we’d offload him to a team that could use him.

But, for reasons unbeknownst to most, Markovic turned down the move at the last moment. Despite Markovic himself coming out and saying that it wasn’t a money issue for the move falling apart, I doubt he’s complaining about the 35k a week he’s getting now to play for our U23s.

Normally I try and have a positive outlook on our players but with Markovic it’s different. I just don’t see a player that’s got that passion for Liverpool. I don’t see that player who wants to fight for a place. What I do see is a player who is happy to coast by.

I wouldn’t even say he’s a good squad player anymore. He’s not. We’re past him. I’d 100% prefer a youngster who’s came through the academy who wants to bleed Red for us to get a chance rather than see Lazar anywhere near our bench.

I wouldn’t even say I’m being harsh. I’m being real. I’m sure the vast majority of you reading will agree! If a player has no drive, no potential and no passion for us, what does he do to warrant us keeping him?

Maybe I am overlooking something that warrants him staying but I’m struggling to see what. Maybe someone can tell me what he brings to us and I will get off his back. I’m not against Markovic, but I’m definitely for Liverpool. At this point, Liverpool would benefit without Lazar Markovic.

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