Jordan Henderson has admitted that the manner of his departure from Liverpool has ‘hurt’ him.

Henderson shockingly left the Reds to join Saudi Pro League side Al Ettifaq. It was an unexpected move from the 12-year Anfield veteran, and meant that he never got the farewell he deserved from supporters.

Questioned about this in a revealing interview for The Athletic today, Henderson says he would be open to returning to the club one day, in order to thank and say goodbye to Liverpool fans. The 33-year-old also addressed the negative reaction to his move to Saudi Arabia.

Jordan Henderson
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Henderson opens up on Liverpool exit

“To be honest, Adam [Crafton, of The Athletic], the negative reaction, I think a lot of it is on social media and in the media, which I don’t get involved with,” he says.

“When I’ve seen people around, they have all wished me all the very best. Even Liverpool fans. I dedicated my life for 12 years to the club. I gave them everything. And I would do it all again if I could go back. I think they know that, they appreciate that.

“I’d have no concerns if I had the opportunity or if they welcomed me back to say goodbye. Because that does hurt me a little bit, that I didn’t get to say goodbye properly to the fans.”

Asked specifically about plans for a testimonial, Henderson says that while there are no concrete plans, he would be pleased to do so.

“No [there are no testimonial plans]. But if I had the opportunity to do something — whether that would be a testimonial or just to go back to say “bye” — I think that would be good and nice for me to do, because that does hurt.,” he says.

Time for a testimonial?

Right now, it’s safe to say that there isn’t much appetite amongst Liverpool fans to see Henderson back at the club.

Yes, he deserved a proper send-off after 12 amazing years at the club. But it was his choice to leave, and the identity of his new club has caused rightful unease.

Perhaps in time, when he’s no longer playing, it would be right to bring Henderson back to say a proper thank you.

Jordan Henderson
Photo by Francois Nel/Getty Images

But right now, having read the interview today, there’ll be plenty of fans who would gladly never see the England international again.

That may seem harsh, but Jordan has made his own bed here. He had everything perfectly lined up. You don’t walk out on the Liverpool captaincy to do what he’s done and go where he has.

Clearly, he’d have weighed all of this up before making his decision. But, ultimately, it seems the money and the ‘project’ on offer in Saudi won out.

You don’t get to have your cake and eat it unfortunately, Jordan. Some will of course disagree, but we’re not sure about having Henderson back at Anfield is a good thing right now.

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