Chelsea’s failure to reach an overnight agreement with Brighton for Moises Caicedo could work in Liverpool’s favour.

The Blues have been intent on wrestling back control in the Caicedo saga, and have reportedly been preparing a bid that will match Liverpool’s £111m.

But according to The Independent, an agreement with Brighton is yet to be struck, despite overnight negotiations. This could be good news for the Reds.

Moises Caicedo
Photo by ISSOUF SANOGO/AFP via Getty Images

It’s claimed that the longer time passes without a bid being accepted, the better their chances of landing the player are.

A report from Ecuador yesterday insisted that Caicedo hasn’t said no to Liverpool, he simply wants to give Chelsea a fair chance here. And The Independent seemingly back that up, saying that although the Blues are the 21-year-old’s preference, his main goal is simply to play for a ‘top club.’

There is also said to be ‘scepticism’ around Chelsea’s possibility of making the deal – and the one for Romeo Lavia – work within FFP regulations.

This has perhaps been demonstrated by the Stamford Bridge side reportedly offering part-player exchanges to Brighton for Caicedo. Thankfully, with an offer on the table from Liverpool, the Seagulls weren’t interested.

Caicedo tide starting to turn

This has the feeling of a ‘turning of the tide’ moment. We could be completely wrong, but perhaps the most significant part of this story is the softening of Caicedo’s stance towards Chelsea.

Up until now, the hard line has been that the Ecuador international wants the Blues and only them.

But here, that is ever so slightly lessened. Yes, Caicedo may prefer Chelsea ultimately, but his one goal is to be playing at a top club this season.

Moises Caicedo
Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images

Although neither club is in the Champions League right now, both are still undoubtedly that.

In fact, on paper, you’d have to say that Liverpool are the club with the better chance of a trophy next season. With respect to Mauricio Pochettino, Jurgen Klopp is a better manager and the Reds have a better starting XI.

To this point, it seems as though Caicedo is simply holding Liverpool at arms length until he has a choice between clubs.

But should – as suspected – Chelsea fail to meet the Reds’ winning bid, then he’ll happily still join the Reds. That’s our theory for now, but it could all change so quickly!

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