Don Hutchison has questioned why Liverpool didn’t pay the money to sign Jude Bellingham earlier this summer.

The Reds were heavily linked with a move to bring Bellingham to the Premier League, but ultimately lost out to Real Madrid.

At the time, the reasons seemed money-related. However, having just made a huge £111m offer for Moises Caicedo, Liverpool clearly have the finances. So, taking to Twitter today, former Reds midfielder Hutchison asked the question on plenty of lips today.

Moises Caicedo
Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images for Premier League

“Wow this Caicedo drama is unreal,” wrote the pundit. “Begs the question if Liverpool bid 110 million for him, why they didn’t bid the same for Bellingham.”

As Caicedo potentially starts to slip through their grasp, there’ll be a lot of supporters wondering the same thing.

Hutchison asks Bellingham question

On the face of it, this would seem like a logical question to ask. Liverpool were seemingly front-runners for Bellingham and are paying out a similar fee to what he ended up at Madrid for.

But in reality, the quesition is a lot more detailed.

As we know, Liverpool aren’t generally keen to pay such huge figures on players. At the point that Bellingham joined Real, they probably weren’t expecting to do so this summer either.

Moises Caicedo
Photo by Antonio Villalba/Real Madrid via Getty Images

The unexpected departures of Jordan Henderson and Fabinho changed all of that, though. Jurgen Klopp even intimated as much during his press conference this morning.

Had both, or even one of the players stayed, they wouldn’t be going anywhere near the Caicedo saga.

So, seen through that lens, you can easily see why Liverpool refrained from trying to get embroiled in a battle for Bellingham. Although he’s ‘world-class,’ the England man would surely have had pretty big wage demands, too.

There’s also the strong possibility that the 20-year-old simply decided he wanted to move to Spain. So, it’s a question that does need to be asked, but one where the answers aren’t to hard to find.

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