Danny Murphy says Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold is actually getting worse
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Danny Murphy says Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold is actually getting worse

Pundit Danny Murphy has claimed Liverpool right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold is actually getting worse as a player.

Speaking on TalkSPORT this morning, the former Red suggested the 24-year-old can no longer get away with his so-called ‘poor’ defensive abilities.

“Yep, poor defensively, couldn’t cope,” said Murphy. “Could not cope, doesn’t see the danger.

“I mean, the bizarre thing is watching the game live, Trent did some things last night – some of his passing and crossing – that not many right-backs in the world can do, from an attacking point of view.

“But then, he’s doing some things defensively that you wouldn’t expect players to do in the lower leagues – switching off from runners behind.

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“It’s like it’s got worse for him, not better. When he was first in the team for the first two or three seasons, I think most people forgave the poor defending because he’s a young lad learning.

“But he’s got to learn now. You know, Gomez was getting isolated – Trent too high up the pitch at times.

“The other thing with Trent as well, to be fair to him, is Salah doesn’t give him any help. Salah does not defend. I don’t know if Klopp’s telling Salah not to run back and defend. I don’t know the instruction, I’m not in the dressing room. But he doesn’t get back and help him. I mean, the best right backs need some help sometimes from the players in front of them. So, Henderson’s having to run all the way out there to try and get out there too late. I mean, he was up against one of the best players in the world granted.”

Presenter Jim White thus claimed: “Klopp’s obviously not telling Salah to do that because otherwise we would see him do it.”

To which Murphy responded, “Well you’d think, so that’s tactically naïve.”

Murphy says Alexander-Arnold is actually getting worse

Going off the 5-2 loss to Real Madrid last night, the criticism Alexander-Arnold is receiving is slightly unfair.

First off, the right-back certainly wasn’t the weakest link in Jurgen Klopp’s defence.

Joe Gomez was more culpable for actions leading to goals, and Alisson Becker unfortunately made a big mistake which led to the score being levelled.

With Los Blancos’ opening goal of the game, pundits suggested the Scouser should have been closer to Vinicius when he took the shot. Whilst this might be true, the finish was placed to perfection, so there was little that Alexander-Arnold or Gomez could have done to stop the shot curling in.

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Furthermore, the 24-year-old was definitely left exposed by Salah. With the full-back obviously told to get forward when he could, this was always going to leave a gap for Madrid to exploit.

Therefore, criticism around his positioning should be more specific, as it shouldn’t really count in these situations.

Offensively, Alexander-Arnold was very strong once again, so it just seems like he’s being scapegoated here for the team’s disappointing performance.

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