Report: What Liverpool sources are saying they're now concerned about, as FSG sale rumbles on
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Report: What Liverpool sources are saying they're now concerned about, as FSG sale rumbles on

Sources at Liverpool are now starting to get concerned about the kind of buyer who could be interested in the club.

The Reds have been nominally up for sale for the last two weeks, as FSG finally look to cash out on their investment. It’s news that has been met with general excitement by Liverpool fans.

But according to the Liverpool Echo, not everyone is pleased. Simply citing ‘sources,’ the paper claims that there are concerns over who the sale will ‘open the club up to.’

The suggestion is that there would be significant push-back to a deal such as the one that saw Newcastle United taken over last year.

Should such an offer arrive at Liverpool, it would reportedly be a ‘divisive issue’ among many at the club.

Legitimate concerns starting to be aired at Liverpool

This point is fundamental to what direction Liverpool will find themselves going in post-FSG.

To a portion of fans, they may not give two hoots where the money comes from. They want to be competing with Manchester City and Newcastle on a level financial footing, by any means necessary.

That’s fine, up to a point. Fans are entitled to their opinions, it is their club after all.

But you feel that the majority of Liverpool supporters would be deeply uncomfortable by the notion of a state-led buyout.

Hopefully, FSG’s conversations with fan groups will lead them to this conclusion, too. The very last thing any club wants is unrest and divide amongst its fanbase.

If John Henry and co care about their legacy at the club at all, they’ll steer away from such controversy.

But money is money. Such is the price that FSG are asking for Liverpool, there are relatively few parties who could afford to take over.

If it benefits them to sell to a dubious consortium, then you can’t safely say that the Americans won’t go for it. These concerns are very legitimate and won’t be eased until we know the plan moving forward.

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