'He had been thinking': Portugal boss shares what Fabio Carvalho text him on Saturday night
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'He had been thinking': Portugal boss shares what Fabio Carvalho text him on Saturday night

Liverpool’s Fabio Carvalho gave up playing for Portugal U21s as it no longer benefitted him to be in the squad.

That’s according to the team’s coach Rui Jorge. Speaking to Mais Futebol, Jorge shared the details of Carvalho’s text to him explaining his decision.

“I was disappointed by the way it went. The fact that Fabio sent me a message, on Saturday night, saying that he didn’t want to continue in the under-21s. That he had been thinking and didn’t want to continue in the under-21s, because it no longer brought him any benefit. For now, it’s a message. My answer was: ‘Well, Fabio, not a phone call?’ And the disappointment was precisely there,” said the coach.

“After my message, I thought Fabio would pick up the phone, call me and speak. That’s what I always conveyed to them [the players], that they could talk to me about these matters. It’s a point I make a point of telling all players when they come with us. I only want people in this space who really want to be here.”

Jorge’s comments only serve to add more intrigue to an unexpected story surrounding the Liverpool man.

Carvalho yet to explain controversial decision

At some stage, it would be good to hear what Carvalho meant by his comments to the coach.

It could be a case of him not wanting distractions from building a career at Liverpool. Perhaps he felt slighted at the decision to leave him out of the senior squad for the World Cup. Or, maybe he’s decided to return to representing England. Who knows.

Of those feasible options, you’d think it could only be numbers one or three. Either would make sense right now.

Surely, surely the 20-year-old doesn’t feel as though he’s outgrown the youth team. Carvalho is a confident and ambitious young player, that much is clear.

But Portugal have some of the best attacking talent in the world. When looking through their current squad for the World Cup, you wouldn’t really swap the Liverpool youngster in for any of them.

At any rate, he’s only just started playing for the country of his birth. His first call-up came in March of this year. Two goals in four games is a good start, but it’s only a start.

Maybe we’ll get a further explanation from Carvalho, maybe we won’t. You can bet that Jurgen Klopp will be calling the youngster just to double-check that everything’s okay, though.

For now, it seems that Fabio is set to focus completely on Liverpool. And we’re fine with that.

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