Expected Liverpool signing set to play two positions and could replace 'insane' star that Klopp loves - RTK View


Expected Liverpool signing set to play two positions and could replace 'insane' star that Klopp loves - RTK View

Liverpool will reportedly confirm Fabio Carvalho as a summer transfer soon. He could be the one to replace one star that Jurgen Klopp loves.

All signs point to Fabio Carvalho joining Liverpool at the end of the season. The Athletic, along with many others, report that a deal is there that could rise to £7.7m.

It’s one that could be a bit of a bargain. Carvalho isn’t tested at the top level yet but Liverpool will hope they’re simply getting in early. Waiting for that proof has cost them in the past, after all.

Carvalho will reportedly join the first-team squad, too, and play a role in pre-season. The plan will unquestionably be for him to play a fairly significant role in the next campaign – providing he clicks in the summer.

So where could he play? Well, Carvalho primarily plays as an attacking midfielder for Fulham. That makes things a little interesting as Liverpool don’t actually play with one. They split the attacking midfield role across two positions – suggesting Carvalho could operate in both.

The most obvious is the centre-midfield role. Both Curtis Jones and Harvey Elliott are building there, having both been more attacking players at youth level. Carvalho can fit that bill, too, as the Reds go very attacking from the middle of the pitch.

But there’s another possibility here and it’s one that could see Carvalho take on a very important role.

Fabio Carvalho at Liverpool

For us, the most irreplaceable player at Liverpool is Roberto Firmino. Not because he’s necessarily the best at the club but because he’s the most unique.

Firmino is a False 9, having moved from attacking midfield into a centre-forward role under Jurgen Klopp. He’s not much of a goalscorer, despite his role, and thrives on being the creative influence up top. But there aren’t many players like him. Klopp is a massive fan, saying it’s ‘insane’ how much he brings.

And that makes replacing Firmino at Liverpool very difficult. There is no plug-and-play signing out there who can just drop in and keep things the same once the Brazilian slows down.

Photo by Giuseppe Maffia/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The best option is undoubtedly converting an attacking midfielder, just as Liverpool did with Firmino. Which brings us back to Carvalho.

We think he could be the long-term replacement for Firmino at Liverpool. As we mentioned, there’s no real need for another attack-minded midfielder as both Jones and Elliott look destined for the top level. There is a need to develop someone in the Firmino mould, though.

And that, for us, is the obvious plan here. Carvalho will come in and play two positions – but it’s surely that False 9 role that Liverpool have earmarked.

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