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Jamie Carragher rules out Trent Alexander-Arnold / Cafu comparison

Jamie Carragher doesn’t believe Trent Alexander-Arnold should be compared to Cafu. The Liverpool star has a ‘little bi to go’ just yet.

Should we compare Trent Alexander-Arnold to Cafu? Jamie Carragher doesn’t believe so. Not yet, anyway.

He said as much while talking to the UMM YouTube channel. The comparison came up and Carragher was quick to dismiss it.

“I still think Trent has a little bit to go to be talked in the same breath as Cafu,” said Carragher. “Cafu, for me, is one of the all-time greats.

“I think Trent could become one of the all-time greats. He’s one of the top full-backs in European football right now. He’s a playmaker from full-back.

“To put him in the bracket of Cafu just yet is a little bit premature because Cafu will be remembered as one of the greatest of all time.”

The former Liverpool defender does go on to say that, hopefully, Alexander-Arnold can reach that level eventually, though.

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Alexander-Arnold or Cafu?

Yeah, Carragher’s right here. Cafu is firmly in the discussion as the finest right-back of all time and the Brazilian won just about everything.

Including, of course, two World Cups, with the second as captain.

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Cafu certainly didn’t provide the kind of raw numbers that Alexander-Arnold does – the Scouser is quite unique in that regard. But it’s difficult to think of a more complete full-back than Cafu.

His engine was unbelievable, while he didn’t really have a weakness in his game. He was just as solid defensively as he was going forward.

We’re also talking about a player who was winning a World Cup in 1994 and a Champions League in 2007. It’s very difficult to compete with that longevity.

So Alexander-Arnold does have a ways to go before he’s in that top bracket. But then, he’s still only 22. With everything he’s achieved already, Alexander-Arnold has as good a chance as any of being an all-time great.

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