3 reasons Liverpool fans can finally get excited about Kostas Tsimikas


3 reasons Liverpool fans can finally get excited about Kostas Tsimikas

It’s time for Liverpool fans to finally get excited about Kostas Tsimikas. The Greek full-back should be a regular this season.

Kostas Tsimikas arrived last year and we were excited about what he could bring. Not necessarily through being a star player but with how he improved the squad.

Things didn’t work out, of course. Tsimikas played just six Premier League minutes in a bizarre Liverpool season.

But one year on, we know a bit more about the 25-year-old. So what can fans be excited about now he should finally play regularly?

Immediate impact

Tsimikas will be ‘like a new signing’. That’s a saying that gets thrown around a lot but it really feels true with him.

He barely featured at all last season, while that entire campaign feels a little lost. Compared to the last time Liverpool were truly competitive, Tsimikas is an addition to the squad.

And so with Liverpool raring to go, Tsimikas should come in like a new signing who’s ready from the start. He knows the club well now, knows exactly what Jurgen Klopp wants, and should be in position to deliver.


The thing that strikes us the most about Tsimikas is his effort levels. He looks aggressive on the pitch, always wanting to get forward and pressing hard.

Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

That’s what Liverpool like above all. Players who want to move in a positive direction and do so with confidence. Tsimikas appears to tick those boxes.

When called upon next season, Tsimikas should be someone the fans like to watch. A lot like their current left-back, in truth.

The Andy Robertson effect

The biggest impact Tsimikas should have is the one on Robertson. That’s the result of being a squad player.

Robertson is, quite comfortably in our opinion, the world’s best left-back. But he’s played an awful lot of football over the last few years.

The Scot played virtually every game last season – one of the only players to do so – and then went into his first international tournament this summer. That’s going to have an impact on his fitness.

Tsimikas, though, offers a viable alternative and that means Klopp can be careful with Robertson. If Liverpool want the biggest trophies this season, their star left-back needs to be at his best over the whole campaign.

That will almost certainly mean rest. Tsimikas allows for that and, as a result, we should see an even better Robertson this season.

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