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'Goosebumps': Pep Lijnders loves what he sees from Jordan Henderson

Liverpool coach Pep Lijnders just loves what he sees from Jordan Henderson right now. The club captain has ‘beat the odds’ this summer.

The Athletic ran a report on Tuesday about Jordan Henderson and his race to be fit for Euro 2020. It appears it was a far bigger battle than we realised.

They claim Henderson ‘suffered a complete adductor avulsion’ – in other words, his muscle tore off the bone. That’s far more severe than anything we initially heard.

Back in February, the club claimed he could return after a five-week absence. They made it seem as though there was a very good chance he’d return for the end of last season. It sounds as though that was never remotely possible, however.

The Athletic quotes a ‘senior club source’ as saying this:

“Make no mistake, Jordan beat the odds. It’s a testament to his professionalism, his dedication, and his determination that’s he there, fit and healthy and performing at such a high level.

“No one works harder. There were lots of moments when it looked doubtful that he would make it, but he did it.”

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‘Beat the odds’ to play at Euro 2020, that is. We have no idea how anyone thought he’d play again last season.

But that confusion aside, it’s clear that Hendeson has succeeded in something remarkable, here. He’s playing (and scoring) at Euro 2020 but really had no right to be there.

And Liverpool coach Pep Lijnders says that’s worthy of goosebumps.

Lijnders on Henderson

“I got goosebumps watching Hendo’s celebration,” Pep Lijnders told the Athletic.

“To find someone with more character is impossible. That’s top sport at its best — investing so much time, suffering so many times, then the absolute joy of moments like these.

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“Hendo is the type you want in and around your team when it’s getting tough. He has the right experience, an absolute will to win and he’s a proper team player.

“He doesn’t settle for anything less than gold, I mean in everything. A true captain with a lot of passion and ambition for competition.”

It’s always quite incredible how everyone has positive things to say about Henderson. He sums up being a club captain in just about every sense of the word.

But we can’t help but wonder if playing at Euro 2020 will end up costing Liverpool a little next season. Will Henderson be ready to go from the off? Will be last the full campaign?

Perhaps Jurgen Klopp ends up managing his minutes. That’s certainly the safe way to do it.

For now, though, we’ll join Lijnders in the goosebumps. Henderson is working his way towards yet another major trophy and this one couldn’t possibly be more deserved.

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