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Kopites react to FSG paying Liverpool portion of the Super League fine

Liverpool fans have a complicated relationship with FSG. The Reds’ owners have done a lot of good for the club but they’ve frequently offended with harebrained schemes. Some Kopites have reacted to FSG vowing to pay the Liverpool portion of the Super League fine.

Super League breakaway

In April football came to a standstill.

A 12 team Super League was announced and fans the world over were livid.

The competition was designed in a closed shop format with the 12 founding members guaranteed a place in the tournament every season.

The Super League threatened the very foundations of the sport. This is because it undermined the integrity of the footballing pyramid.

In the long term it could have strangled the football league into submission with revenues devastated by lost TV and sponsorship money.

Within 48 hours, following widespread protests, every Premier League side involved had withdrawn from the project.

FSG to pay Liverpool Super League fine

The Athletic has reported on the repercussions the involved teams will face.

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Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have been slapped with a collective fine of £22m.

If they try to breakaway again they’ll be forced to pay £25m individual fines, along with a 30-point deduction.

FSG have pledged to pay the Liverpool portion of the Super League fine (which amounts to £3.7m) rather than use club funds.

Twitter reacts to news

The general response has been ‘well, duh’.

Fans, on the whole, don’t want FSG applauded for doing what they should be doing anyway.

After all, they got themselves into this mess, they can pay their way out of it.

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