Spirit of Shankly table four requests in 'positive' meeting with Liverpool

The Spirit of Shankly supporters union held a meeting with Liverpool on Tuesday. They tabled four requests in what they call ‘positive’ talks.

A meeting between Liverpool and the Spirit of Shankly has been on the cards recently. The supporters union sprung into action in the wake of the failed Super League plans, ready to push for change.

They left that change up to their members. A survey of all SOS members revealed they wanted discussions with FSG, first and foremost.

They wouldn’t look to oust the owners, nor were they combative. Instead, talks and representation at board level were wanted.

So SOS held a meeting on Tuesday with Liverpool CEO Billy Hogan. According to a statement afterwards, the group felt it was ‘positive’.

The meeting saw SOS table four requests to LFC, with the club leadership to now discuss amongst themselves before deciding or suggesting anything of their own.

The major request is undoubtedly fan representation on the board. SOS want two representatives on the board with legitimate power – not ‘token’ representation.

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They want to have the ‘golden share’ or an ability to veto decisions. In other words, they want power firmly in the hands of fans.

That idea received a major boost on Tuesday as Chelsea announced they will have elected fans on the board from July 1st. That suggests the idea is very possible.

Beyond that idea, SOS want a formal commitment from FSG to improve fan involvement. They also want the club at the forefront of the upcoming national review into the game.

Lastly, they want FSG to cover any costs from the failed Super League plans. SOS believe it’s important that the club doesn’t suffer and point to Arsenal as an example of this commitment being made.

What RTK has to say

We think it’s hard to disagree with any of this. More input from fans is absolutely necessary after the Super League ‘venture’ and this is a way to do it that shouldn’t disrupt FSG’s plans too much.

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In fact, when others push for a 50+1 rule or outright removing their owners, FSG can consider themselves quite fortunate here. The waters could be a lot harder to navigate.

Getting fans on the board is undoubtedly the big one, though, and it’s a revolutionary change- if it happens. The fact Chelsea are going to push forward with it gives us hope that FSG will accept it, too.

We’ll have to wait and see, though this is certainly a great first step.

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