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Chelsea hand boost to Spirit of Shankly ahead of crunch FSG meeting

The Spirit of Shankly Liverpool fan group has a meeting with FSG today. They’ve received a boost, too, after an announcement from Chelsea.

The Super League plans certainly hit football hard. Not in the way they were supposed to, however.

It was a power grab that should have brought incredible riches to elite clubs and, especially, their owners. They were trying to close the shop, after all, and keep the valuables to themselves.

The backlash was immense. Fans, the media, and clubs outside of the special few protested against the Super League plans, causing them to fold within days.

Now the change brought about by the idea could end up negatively impacting those who sought the plans in the first place.

Spirit of Shankly to meet FSG

The Spirit of Shankly group now has a meeting with FSG. It’s the result of a survey in the wake of Liverpool’s involvement in those Super League plans.

Members didn’t immediately push for FSG to leave, instead wanting to reduce their power. The goal is to open a dialogue that, eventually, leads to fan representation on the club’s board.

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It’s a big ask, of course, but there does appear to be enough pressure to make it happen. After all, some are talking about taking the clubs away from rich owners and putting at least 50% of them in the fans’ hands.

The move for representation at board level, however, feels like an easier, less confrontational move that may suit everyone. That’s what FSG are hoping to achieve at first, certainly.

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And they received a boost on Tuesday. Chelsea announced this evening that they will introduce supporter presence at board meetings from July 1st this year.

There will be three supporters in those meetings after ‘an election and selection process’. They will then be at around four meetings per year to ensure fans have a say in the way Chelsea is run.

This is essentially what SoS hope to integrate at Liverpool, with the cooperation of FSG. And this is undoubtedly a move in the right direction for the group.

Chelsea are showing it is a viable direction – to try, at least – and that makes it a lot more difficult for FSG to say it isn’t. If the Blues are willing to give it a go, after all, why aren’t Liverpool?

We’re still waiting to see the outcome of that meeting but this is undoubtedly a suggestion that SoS can get what they want.

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