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Liverpool already losing money over Super League with reported £8m cost

Liverpool’s Super League plans have already cost them £8m, according to reports. The move looks worse with every passing day.

This comes from the Daily Mail. They claim all 12 of the Super League clubs have lost £8m as a cost for signing up.

That’s £8m down the drain for a competition that never took place.

The exact reason for the cost was as an equity stake. The founding clubs put the money down to help growth, with desires to turn the Super League into a global giant.

Instead, the competition essentially folded after two days.

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But at a time when this was, apparently, after securing the financial future of football, losing £8m for literally nothing should hurt. Not that it stops there.

We know Liverpool lost at least one sponsor on the back of this, while no one has faced financial sanctions, yet – but we hope they’re coming.

So, really, £8m is the bare minimum here. There should be more financial hurt to come.

The true cost of the Super League

£8m is £8m – no one wants to lose that for nothing. But it’s a small figure in the grand scheme of things.

The true cost for these clubs could and should be power. They played their hand, hoping that their dominance translated into governance.

The clubs hoped to take control of the way football operates, essentially, and use that to generate wealth. Wealth the likes we’ve never seen in sport.

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But the fact is, they already had an incredibly privileged and wealthy position. Constant Champions League revenue allowed these clubs to monopolise the top of the competition.

They got themselves into a position where ultimate failure meant a 7th-place finish. That’s a luxury no other clubs had – failure is supposed to mean relegation, not the inconvenience of Europa League football.

The true cost here, then, should be a loss of that position. Take their power away and the security of guaranteed success. They tried to make the latter a formality with their Super League but the truth is, they largely have it already.

‘Earn it on the pitch’ is the current slogan and it’s a good one. But it hasn’t been the way for a while. We’ve laughed at how badly Arsenal have been run over the last 15 years but they’ve never really fallen below the top half despite the incompetence.

Manchester United have made bad decision after bad decision for years now. Yet their owners still sit pretty at one of the biggest and most successful clubs in the world. They certainly didn’t earn that position.

And FSG only have what they have because Jurgen Klopp was available in 2015. Yet they feel entitled to guaranteed dominance.

We’ve got to take that position away. Financial losses will hurt them but the true cost of the Super League must be preventing these billionaires a free ride.

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