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'We will be withdrawing': Liverpool lose Tribus deal over Super League

Liverpool have lost a sponsorship deal with Tribus over their Super League plans. The company can’t stand by the idea.

Well, if anything is going to hit the club’s money-makers hardest, it’s losing sponsorship money. And that’s happening.

Liverpool upset global football, along with 11 others, with their plans for the Super League. It would be a semi-closed shop that saw guaranteed money for the 12 founders every year.

No need to qualify, no need to earn it – just guaranteed money. Five clubs would get a chance to earn their place every year, they say, though we can’t imagine that would have kept up for long.

The idea here was, undoubtedly, to monopolise the money in football.

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And if money is the be all and end all to these people, taking it away will hurt them. Even if it’s a small amount.

That’s what Tribus are trying to do. The watch-makers are a sponsor of Liverpool – or at least, they were.

“As the official global timing partner of Liverpool FC, and a family of dedicated life-long fans based in the city of Liverpool, Tribus cannot support the move from the club’s owners to break away into a new competition, the Super League,” they said in a statement.

“Our values are at the forefront of everything we do, therefore we will be withdrawing from this partnership.

“Football belongs to the fans and unites us all; it was never intended to benefit the few.”

Tribus withdraw

Look, this won’t have the same effect if it were Nike or Standard Chartered taking a stand. But at the same time, FSG really love money.

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Above all, it seems, they want to make it. Thus taking it away from them will hurt and force them to rethink.

So we applaud Tribus for ending their role with Liverpool. It can’t have been easy for them and they should get praise for standing up over this.

A few more sponsors like them and we might even hear from FSG over this – imagine that!

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