FSG face biggest test yet this summer; it will shape Liverpool's future

FSG face their biggest decision yet this summer and it will shape Liverpool’s future. Jurgen Klopp sits at the centre.

Jurgen Klopp intends to leave when his contract expires, per the Mirror. That would be 2024 and the boss has a clause in his contract that has Liverpool help him move back to Germany.

And quite honestly, we’d have no complaints. Klopp has more than earned the right to leave with good grace, however and whenever he wants.

All smiles from us.

But if does force FSG into a decision this summer, three years before his deal is done. What exactly do they invest in?

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Biggest test yet

FSG have faced some massive tests in their time. Mainly, when to back managers or not.

They sacked Roy Hodgson (a good decision, we’d all agree), sacked Kenny Dalglish (up for debate, certainly) and Brendan Rodgers, too (a little late?). All were, ultimately, the right decision.

Liverpool improved with every change and FSG backed the club to recover over backing the manager’s wants. And again, they were right.

But now they face their biggest test yet. Do they back Klopp or do they back their own future?

The Mirror recently reported that when they re-signed the manager, they did so with a plan in mind. That was with an expected decline in results between great sides.

In other words, things would decline as they took apart the current successful side to build the next one. That was with Klopp in mind, wanting him to oversee this.

That’s not the plan for this summer, however. The Athletic believes Klopp wants to add to his side, not replace anyone. That tells us that this side is still supposed to win next season – no decline yet.

But it also brings about an interesting question – should that decline come under Klopp? Should FSG start their rebuild before the German leaves?

Because, if we’re being real, the next manager isn’t going to be as good. Maybe Liverpool find their Bob Paisley but they likely won’t. Klopp is, in our opinion, the world’s best.

You can argue for Pep Guardiola, of course, but we’re not getting him. It’s not really relevant. The next guy will be a step backwards.

There’s a very strong argument, then, that the decline shouldn’t come under Klopp. Instead, FSG should milk his abilities for all they’re worth and ensure he has an elite squad every year.

Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Do the rebuild once he’s gone, when things will likely decline anyway.

But then there’s the other side. Klopp is so good that he’d probably build the best possible ‘next’ squad.

If the next manager isn’t as good, then you’ll have a weaker team long-term. Have Klopp build it and the replacement has the best possible chance of success.

It sounds like FSG aren’t going to rebuild until the very final years of Klopp’s reign, which is a decision of sorts. It’s a tough one, though, and one that will shape everything at Liverpool.

FSG can’t afford to get this one wrong – the future is on the line.

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