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Reported England decision over Trent Alexander-Arnold is mixed

England may not pick Trent Alexander-Arnold for the Euros, according to reports. It’s a decision that’s great for Liverpool and utterly moronic.

This comes from Matt Law of the Daily Telegraph. He spoke to the London is Blue podcast where he had some interesting things to say.

Notably, he says England won’t pick Trent Alexander-Arnold for their Euro 2020 squad.

“Reece James is now ahead of Alexander-Arnold in the England pecking order,” he said. “Trent wasn’t included in the squad at all, so Gareth Southgate sees Reece ahead of Trent now.

“I think there’s every chance that Trent won’t be in the England squad for the Euros. Gareth really likes Reece – the really like him.”

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Good for Liverpool

Look, this is undoubtedly good for Liverpool. In fact, it’s great for them – one of their best players gets the summer off when very few elite talents will.

Especially after a season like this, that rest could prove key. Maybe it’s even what Alexander-Arnold needs to get back on track.

He hasn’t been at his best this season, of course, and has looked tired. A rest could do him and Liverpool a world of good ahead of the next campain.

But seriously.

If you fancy reading an overly-long rant on Alexander-Arnold and how he’s still somehow underrated, look no further. But assuming you don’t, we’ll give you the condensed version – he’s the best English right-back.

Alexander-Arnold tops every other option in virtually every available metric. He’s the Premier League’s fifth-best player in duels, he’s the world’s most creative full-back, he’s won the lot etc.

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It is absolutely bizarre to us that anyone can consider not picking Alexander-Arnold as their starting right-back. Not even putting him in the squad? It’s unthinkable.

Even in this season, which is undoubtedly his worst yet, he’s still outperforming every other candidate for the role in nearly every area. Alexander-Arnold isn’t great at heading – terrible, actually – but that’s about it.

In every other meaningful way, his worst season is better than everyone else’s best.

Leaving him out will benefit Liverpool but it still irritates. What exactly does he have to do to prove how good he is? Alexander-Arnold is one of the best player’s in the world yet, somehow, England can’t see that.

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