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'The word was': James Pearce delivers Liverpool January transfer update

Liverpool are always in gossip pages. The Reds are a massive club and as a result we are constantly linked with exciting young talents and giants of the game. A vast majority of these rumours are just that, rumours. There’ve been plenty of rumours surrounding the winter window. James Pearce has delivered a Liverpool January transfer update.

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Liverpool and the January transfer window

The Reds don’t tend to do much big business in the winter window, at least not anymore.

Sure, we saw Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll arrive on year.

Takumi Minamino was signed last January.

Yet these are aberrations, particularly during the FSG years we’ve stuck to the summer window in order to get more bang for our buck.

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This winter window has seen the Reds linked with every centre back under the sun.

Liverpool have been devastated by injuries at the back and the gossip pages have capitalised.

James Pearce update

Whilst there may be hundreds of rumours floating around there are very few with any concrete news and more often than not it’s news fans don’t want to hear.

Speaking on the Red Agenda Podcast, James Pearce delivered a Liverpool January transfer window update:

“From the people I’ve spoken to the word was it’s unlikely that there will be additions in the January window.

“I think there’s a number of reasons for that. January isn’t the perfect time for availability.

“Clubs aren’t particularly willing to part company with their prized assets in the winter window and if they do you are paying a premium.”

What RTK has to say

We can’t be surprised by this.

The Reds are skint because of the pandemic and we aren’t about to be rushed into a panic buy.

We expect the club to wait it out and make a well planned and more expensive string of moves over the summer.

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