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Trent Alexander-Arnold is one skill from becoming an all-time great

Trent Alexander-Arnold already has a lot of skill to his game – he’s a FIFPro World XI player, after all. But by adding one more, he can make himself an all-time great.

Right away, we’ll say that Alexander-Arnold will become an all-time great regardless. He’s achieved far too much by the age of 22 for that not to be the case.

The Scouser will go on to become a club legend and, possibly, a long-term captain down the line. He’s redefined what right-back means in English football, breaking records for assists in consecutive years and delivering trophies.

But he can be better.

Total package

Going forward, Alexander-Arnold can nearly do it all. He’s a world-class crosser, he can pass, he can shoot and he’s a threat from set-pieces.

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The only weakness, then, is his dribbling. Alexander-Arnold isn’t someone who can take players on with ease and he’s not someone who keeps defenders guessing.

He can do it on occasion, of course. But Alexander-Arnold rarely does it with any consistency. He doesn’t run defenders riot throughout games.

But sometimes it’s very easy to see the benefits if he learned the skill. Take the Newcastle United game, for instance.

There were several instances, particularly in the first-half, when defenders closed Alexander-Arnold down to stop the cross. But in doing so, they isolated themselves against him on the flank and left space to run into.

It’s the only real way to defend him. Press him high and quickly, forcing him to play inside.

But if the Scouser was able to beat players easily over a few yards, he’d become almost impossible to defend. You can’t close him down or he’ll beat you but you can’t stand off him because his crossing is truly elite.

At 22, Alexander-Arnold is comfortably young enough to add to his game. He’s far from the finished article – which is scary enough as it is.

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And if this is the direction he goes in with that development, he can become a one-man offensive force that we’ve never seen before.

Think Dani Alves but with even better delivery.

That’s the dream for the 22-year-old best-in-the-world-already right-back. He’s already special beyond belief but, remarkably, Alexander-Arnold does have room to grow and skill to learn.

And it could push him into the all-time great category already.

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