Since Jürgen Klopp’s arrival, Liverpool have been working towards total dominance. The Reds have operated with surgical precision in the transfer market to build the side which is currently breaking records for fun. Liverpool have turned being a ‘selling club’ from a slight to a strength.

Liverpool have turned being a selling club into a strength.

Liverpool have turned being a selling club into a strength. (Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images)

Over the years being a ‘selling club’ has been a jibe levelled at teams that produce fantastic footballers but lack the profile to keep them at the club.

This writer has been guilty of laughing at sides that have idolised a player only to lose him to Manchester United or Real Madrid.

However, Liverpool have shown in recent seasons that being a ‘selling club’ can be a strength in the modern day.

Since Jürgen Klopp’s arrival, the club have shaped the squad for more than success, they’ve shaped it for dominance. They’ve done this by selling.

Philippe Coutinho’s departure to Barcelona is, of course, the most important case in point. The Brazilian was sold to the La Liga giants for £142m in 2018.

The money from the player’s sale went on to fund moves for Virgil van Dijk, Alisson Becker and Fabinho. Selling made us stronger.


Further to the sale of Coutinho, Michael Edwards has gotten rid of any deadwood and squeezed his buyers for every penny – how did he get £19m for Dominic Solanke?

Liverpool being a ‘selling club’ has allowed them to shape their squad sustainably.

In the modern football landscape, where club’s spending power is curbed by FFP regulations, selling is essential when you want to sustain yourself long term.

Whilst other clubs can afford to buy big without selling and without breaking FFP rules, they are then relying on certain revenue streams such as Champions League qualification.

At the minute there are rumours swirling that Roberto Firmino is wanted by Bayern Munich. If we did sell the Brazilian to the Germans, whilst we would be saddened by his departure, we could expect the money from his sale to be invested wisely.

We sell players for the right money and we make ourselves stronger off of the back of their sale. This writer is proud that Liverpool are a selling club. Just don’t sell Michael Edwards.

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