This Tuesday night saw Liverpool fall to a 1-0 defeat at the Wanda Metropolitano. The hosts fired in luckily and early and dug in thereafter. Thanks to a Twitter thread by Fabinholic, we can run through three horrendous refereeing errors from Atletico Madrid v Liverpool.

It is no secret that Kopites are furious at the standard of refereeing in Madrid on Tuesday.

The official consistently blew up in favour of Atletico’s diving and got crucial decisions wrong throughout the game. Of course, the hosts defended valiantly throughout and were good value for their win given the work they put in out of possession.

However, shocking refereeing is always going to be an annoyance, so let us vent.

The goal

In the build up to the goal, Atletico were awarded a throw in which resulted in the fateful corner.

The question is: how do you get it this wrong?

In the footage you can clearly see the ball comes off Alvaro Morata’s head, it isn’t even close.

The yellow

Joe Gomez fell foul of Atletico’s play acting from minute one.


The Spanish side consistently got their body’s in front of JoGo and then just threw themselves to the floor.

Here we see Joe Gomez mistime his challenge, sure. Is it a yellow? Not in a million years. He makes little to no contact with the player, yet Morata cries out as if he’s been shot and the ref brandishes a card.

THAT Salah incident

Arguably the worst of the lot for a number of reasons: the chance it cost us, the diving involved, and the fact that he ignored his assistant.

Salah has a foot on the ball, legally. The Atletico defender throws himself to the ground in hysterics for no reason in particular. The linesman can see that the home player is being daft.

Somehow, the referee still blows up for a foul despite being miles away from the action.

It was consistent errors like this that disrupted The Reds’ rhythm, this error in particular cost us a threatening attack.

Hopefully the referee of the return fixture is wise to Atletico’s antics.

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