Neil Critchley has confirmed what his young Liverpool side tried to do in the FA Cup. It’s safe to say they nailed it.

“I know [Jurgen Klopp] is really delighted with how they played because they played like a Liverpool team and that was important to him and it was really important to us as well,” Critchley told about the Shrewsbury Town game.

Jurgen Klopp was apparently delighted with his young players.

Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

“He gives you total clarity and belief and I want to really thank him for that.”

We wrote after the win at Anfield that Klopp’s effect was clear to see. That is, that Liverpool’s youngest team ever still looked just like Liverpool.

That’s no mean feat, given the incredibly high standards. You’re asking a team of kids to play like the best team in the world, after all.


And yet, they managed just that. The youngsters pressed like mad, controlled the game through passing, and looked thoroughly organised.

So the win was more than just a win for the Reds. It was also a sign that the playing style and philosophy has made its way through the entire club. Critchley’s comments about Klopp’s delight simply proves that.

The next phase is, of course, moving these players up into the first-team. We think a good few of them are near-ready and next season could be their time.

Liverpool's youngsters looked just like the senior side.

Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

You’d expect that to be a near-flawless process, too. Liverpool’s planning and ability to execute those plans is incredible – everything comes off right now.

You could see that planning on Tuesday night. And because of the brilliant execution from Klopp and Critchley, moving these young players into the Liverpool first-team will inevitably be seamless.

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