The Reds are in their best financial period in their history. The club have just signed a record breaking kit deal with Nike and are nailed on to lift the Premier League trophy whilst many are tipping them to retain the Champions League. Liverpool could be given a further financial boost if “Premflix” goes ahead.

At the minute the Premier League sells broadcasting rights to various media companies worldwide, the latest package bringing in approximately £3bn a year.

The current TV rights deal is worth around £135m per year to each Premier League club.

According to various outlets such as The Times and The Athletic’s affiliate Tifo Football, the Premier League are considering cutting out the middleman and going straight to the consumer.

This is to say that rather than selling the rights to broadcast the league, they may set up their own streaming service, meaning that fans would no longer have to pay for a number of pricey subscriptions – instead paying for just one, cheaper option.

This move seems to benefit absolutely everybody but the current broadcasters.


Tifo Football recently hypothesised that a “Premflix” style service could be worth up to £1bn a season to to Premier League clubs.

With Liverpool already streaks ahead of their competition and boasting a large competitive gap, “Premflix” could secure their dynasty for a number of years.

The club have shown that they know how to spend their money wisely, this additional income is unlikely to be squandered.

Given that other Premier League clubs would benefit from the added income, it is in the Champions League that Liverpool would benefit the most.

With the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona unable to pull in anywhere near the £1bn in TV revenue that Liverpool could receive from ‘Premflix’, The Reds could dominate continental football in a way we haven’t seen since the inception of the European Cup.

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