The Reds are absolutely miles ahead at the top of the league. Jürgen Klopp’s side recently extended their lead at the top to 22 points after they beat Southampton and Manchester City lost to Spurs. Twitter has been cringing after the Robbie Savage phone in on Radio FiveLive heard a Man City fan blame VAR for the points gap.

Twitter has cringed at a clip from the Robbie Savage BBC Radio FiveLive phone in.

Twitter has cringed at a clip from the Robbie Savage BBC Radio FiveLive phone in. (Photo by James Gill – Danehouse/Getty Images)

Stat Man Gaz is a regular caller to Robbie Savage’s radio show.

The bitter City fan is known for his refusal to accept the greatness of this Liverpool side.

He embarrassed himself yet again with his latest near eight minute phone call with Savage being a car crash from start to finish.

The City fan cried about Southampton not being awarded a penalty – despite the fact that the Saints should have been a man and a penalty down themselves after Roberto Firmino was bundled to the floor.

He also went on the accuse the host of being biased because he didn’t have a Manchester City shirt when he was growing up.

Twitter has cringed in reaction to the Savage phone in.

Ian Doyle pointed out that this phone call was a perfect example of how Liverpool fans aren’t the unbearable ones.

He wasn’t the only one, this fan accused Gaz of acting like a child.


One City supporter interjected, saying that he can’t stand it when other fans won’t give The Reds the respect they deserve.

Gaz also cried that Liverpool have lost to Aston Villa this season, what a shame that the self titled Stat Man couldn’t get his facts right.

One supporter questioned whether he even is a City fan – he only ever talks about The Reds.

But one Twitter user put it perfectly, it’s just embarrassing.

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