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"Not buying that pathetic apology": Liverpool fans tear into Trevor Sinclair

Liverpool fans are up in arms and justifiably so. Convicted drink-driver and occasional pundit Trevor Sinclair has exposed his true colours with a despicable tweet aimed at Merseyside. The former Manchester City winger tweeted saying “bin dippers we’re coming for you” after the Citizens beat Burnley. Well done! Burnley! Congratulations. The Trevor Sinclair tweet has come in for a pelting from Kopites the world over.

The Trevor Sinclair tweet has come in for a pelting from Kopites. (Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images)

The offensive message is a dig at poverty in Liverpool. ‘Bin dippers’ implying that Scousers have to rummage around in the rubbish for food. Throughout the UK food banks are ubiquitous and child poverty is at a modern record high. Trevor Sinclair didn’t just insult Scousers with his tweet, he showed a disgraceful contempt for the disadvantaged everywhere.

Scousers are a proud people, he was never going to be able to get away with this one. There have been calls for him to be sacked by talkSPORT. It’s safe to say that he won’t be welcome on Merseyside any time soon.

Local hero Mike Kearney asked whether or not we’d pulled out one of our best hits when it comes to dealing with the ignorant.

This Kopite pointed out that the ‘pundit’ has a track record for not being the best bloke, he recently lost a job due to other tasteless behaviours.

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One Red put the issue succinctly.

Another Liverpool fan made the point that this is not an issue that just exists Liverpool and the pundit should bare in mind that his own supporters are also suffering.

Kopites will not accept his pathetic apology.

And this Red explained perfectly why we won’t be accepting it.

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