Matthew Sinton explains why Liverpool would be much better served to keep Trent Alexander-Arnold at right back then moving him forward into midfield.

In the past 12 months, Trent Alexander-Arnold has gone from wonder kid to England international and one of the first names on the Liverpool team sheet.

The absence of Nathaniel Clyne last season helped, of course, but the steady rate of his development compared to the other young players who broke through around the same time (Woodburn, Ejaria) has been phenomenal.

Although Trent seems to have cemented his place at right back, recent reports have suggested that his long-term future could lie elsewhere.

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A recent report from insider Simon Hughes in the Independent reads: “Inside the club, it is believed that Trent Alexander-Arnold will evolve from full-back into midfield.”


Despite having played there at academy level and certainly having the ability to do the same at senior level, I’m not sure if this is the right path for him at the moment.

While there is little competition for Trent as things are, he would probably be sixth choice in the midfield three right now (and that’s not counting Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain). Unless he can somehow act as a Coutinho replacement we don’t really need another option there and we would be left significantly worse off at right back if the switch was made.

I can definitely understand the other side of the argument that Trent is such a technically gifted player that a career at right-back would be a waste of his talent, but I don’t think it would hinder him as much as people may think.

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His attacking qualities could – with another few years of development – definitely see him become one of, if not the best right back in world football.

We’d probably struggle to find a replacement that would offer half as much. Maybe I’m just afraid of change but I really don’t see the need to tamper with what we already have; he’s the first local lad in over a decade to break through and actually be good enough to play for the first team so I just want him to succeed by any means necessary.

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