With the 2017/18 Premier League season now over and a Champions League final awaiting Liverpool, a few lads from our team had a look at who stood out for certain reasons this season.

This season has been absolutely fantastic for the Reds. 132 goals scored in all competitions and with massive improvements at the back, Jürgen Klopp’s side has been transformed into one of the best in Europe.

When the season began, not a single Liverpool supporter truly believed that the Reds had a chance of making to the final of the Champions League. In recent months, however, Klopp has taken us all on an emotional ride through Europe.

From Mo Salah’s incredible goalscoring form to James Milner’s reinvigoration in the engine room to the absolute rock that is Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool have shown grit, determination and more flair than almost any in Europe.

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Now, a few of Rousing the Kop’s writers have taken the chance to voice who they think are most worthy of the praise after what has been a truly memorable season.

What does Michael Baddeley think of the lads this season?

Player of the Season: Mohamed Salah

Was this any shock? I’m pretty sure every Liverpool fan in the world will pick Salah, right? His stats, in what is his debut season, are simply sickening – 50 games, 44 goals and 15 assists. Oh, and he’s also got another game left to add to this tally!

Name a better return for a debut season in the Premier League, I’ll wait.

Young Player of the Season: Trent Alexander-Arnold

Again, I don’t think any can argue with this one! Yes, there have been times where Trent’s inexperience has shown, but towards the back end of the season, he has looked like a seasoned player, especially in those two HUGE games against Manchester City in the Champions League quarter-finals.

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Most Improved Player of the Season: Jordan Henderson
If you follow my social media account you will know I don’t really like Hendo, but I’m more than happy to hold my hands up and say I might have been a bit harsh.

In the second half of the season, he has shown his leadership skills and been very good. That moment against Roma where he gave all the lads an ear-lashing on the field changed the game, that would be the standout moment for me – it was the game-changing moment for sure!

Goal of the Season: Mohamed Salah 1-0 vs AS Roma (H)


All the lights were shining on him, it was against his former team and it was Liverpool’s biggest match since Athens in 2007, so what does he do? He steps and produces a magnificently placed curling shot into the very top corner, absolute scenes.

Signing of the Season: Virgil Van Dijk

I might be being a tad biased here because I love the man – but since his introduction to the team, the defensive side of Liverpool’s game has been so much better. He’s a commanding figure in the back line, he’s calm on the ball, he’s a leader and he wins everything in the air. He’s like a Rolls Royce!

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Game of the Season: Champions League second leg vs Manchester City (H)

It was the complete European performance, we weathered the storm in the first half, frustrated them, then came out in the second half and outclassed the so-called best team in Europe in their own backyard. It was the performance where the rest of Europe had to finally stand up and take notice of Liverpool, the performance that finally turned the fans from doubters to believers.

Jack Hallows up next – what does our resident Aussie say

Player of the Season: Mohamed Salah

Could I really have gone for anyone else?

The likes of Bobby Firmino, Virgil van Dijk and Sadio Mané have all had stellar campaigns but the Egyptian has absolutely set English football alight this season. 43 goals and 15 assists goals in all competitions, 37 individual accolades including PFA Player of the Season and broken records galore just about sum it up.

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Young Player of the Season: Trent Alexander-Arnold

I was on the fence about this one for all of five seconds.

The young right back has been immense in Liverpool’s European campaign thus far this season and despite some shakier moments in the Premier League, it’s worth remembering that he’s still only 19-years old. Was probably the Red’s best defender across both legs of the Manchester City European tie, pocketing the electric Leroy Sane and looking like a seasoned Champions League veteran.

Most Improved Player of the Season: Loris Karius

There were a couple of players I could’ve picked for this one but Karius has really impressed me this season.

Ever since ousting Simon Mignolet as Liverpool’s first choice in January, the German has put in a string of superb performances, fully showcasing his reflexes, kicking ability and ability to pull off outstanding saves. There’s still an argument that the club could upgrade on the former Mainz keeper but he’s certainly done his chances of starting the next campaign as our number one no harm.

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Goal of the Season: Emre Can 3-0 vs Hoffenheim (H)

I’m a sucker for a team goal.

This Liverpool team has scored some stellar goals this season – honestly far too many to even attempt listing examples without making this article 4000 words long – but for me, this goal was the perfect example of Liverpool’s brutal counter-attacking ability.

One touch play of the finest standard in midfield between Moreno, Henderson and Wijnaldum sets up a through ball opportunity. One Sadio Mané backheel and a perfectly placed first-time Firmino cross later and Emre Can is volleying the ball into the net with his weak foot at the back stick.


Signing of the Season: Andrew Robertson

It’s so hard not to pick Mohamed Salah or Virgil van Dijk but personally, seeing us finally have a class player at left-back just makes me feel all sorts of happy.

Virgil has certainly made the biggest difference in the back four but Robertson’s performances have been instrumental in freeing up Sadio Mané to thrive in his new role drifting in-field to occupy the half spaces between midfield and attack.

Love this lad.

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Game of the Season: Liverpool 3 – 0 Manchester City (H)

A European first leg at Anfield against the tournament favourites, complete with a three-goal opening half-hour blitz, a stellar defensive second-half performance, a clean sheet and a bemused Pep Guardiola. Does it get any better?


Rousing the Kop stalwart, Alex Rogers, weighs in…

Player of the Season: Mohamed Salah

This was definitely a tough one. After a lot of deliberation, thought and endless nights thinking about this, it finally came to me who our player of the season is. Mo.

There’s not much to say about this one because its so obvious WHY it’s him, but what makes it so amazing is that no one could’ve predicted that he would have the impact he did.

One season in and he’ll already go down as a club legend and is a serious contender for the Ballon d’Or. What a guy.

Young Player of the Season: Trent Alexander-Arnold

Yet again, this was an easy one and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that it could’ve been anyone but Trent Alexander-Arnold. He’s only 19! When I was 19, I was running about the world with no direction in life while this lad is a starter for Liverpool in a Champions League final!

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Give this guy 5 years and I guarantee he’s going to be a superstar.

Game of the Season: 3-0 vs Manchester City

This, unlike the previous two, was actually a difficult one as there’s been so many! The Roma first leg and Man City 4-3 are honourable mentions but I have to go with the first leg in the Champions League quarter-finals against Man City.

I made this choice as despite the game itself being an absolute cracker, the implications of this game were massive. This was the first time I truly, truly believed that we could win the Champions League and not think I was kidding myself on. This was the game that made me proud.

Most Improved Player of the Season: Loris Karius

For me, this has to go to Karius. He’s gone from being an absolute bomb scare between the sticks to a great reliable keeper that doesn’t make me want to close my eyes every time a ball is lobbed into our box.

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He’s grown into a great presence on and off the pitch in our team and has made so many fans reconsider if we really need to buy a new starting goalkeeper. He’s gone from “flop” to a potential Champions League winning goalkeeper.

Goal of the Season: Emre Can vs Hoffenheim

There’s been so many goals this season where I’ve just been wondered to myself if there’s any team in the world that could contain a Liverpool counter-attack? No. Probably not and a great goal to demonstrate exactly what makes Liverpool’s attack so amazing is Can’s second goal against Hoffenheim last August.

While this goal wasn’t anything spectacular from Can himself apart from excellent positioning, the build-up play from the whole team was something special. Take the time to rewatch the goal from the start and you’ll see what I mean.

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Signing of the Season: Mohamed Salah

On any other circumstance it would definitely go to big Virgil van Dijk but you just can’t ignore the records that have been broken, the accolades that have been won and the hearts that have been captured by the legend that is Mo Salah.

Roma should feel robbed.

And finally, Michael Mongie has a potentially controversial take

Signing of the Season: Mohamed Salah

It might be somewhat irritating to see that each and every writer in this article has selected Mo as our signing of the season. But can you dismiss what he has acheived this season? Given that he has broken so many records and may well win the Champions League in his first season is too impressive to dismiss.

Young Player of the Season: Trent Alexander-Arnold

At just 19 years of age, Trent has been influential at right back against Manchester City and Roma and helped his boyhood club to the final of Europe’s most prestigious tournament.

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If you had to ask any young player what their dream was, you can bet that each of them would say it’s to play a major role in winning silverware and it looks as though Trent will get that opportunity with Liverpool.

Not only has he displayed impressive quality this term but also leadership qualities that have many thinking he could be a potential Liverpool captain in years to come.

Most Improved Player of the Season: Dejan Lovren

Before you angrily scroll down to the comments section, hear me out. While I am also looking to mention someone different from the rest of the lads, I’m serious.

Since his absolute stinker against Tottenham at Wembley, Lovren has looked to be one of the club’s best defenders this season and has turned in some fantastic performances and was immense against both Manchester City and Roma – despite switching off momentarily against the Italians.

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The arrival of van Dijk has been crucial for Lovren but he has been more assured in possession of the ball as well as more aggressive and authorative in the box.

Goal of the Season: Mohamed Salah 2-2 vs Tottenham (H)

Given that the Reds have scored 132 goals this season, it’s quite difficult to pick a single goal that is better than the rest but Mohamed Salah’s second strike against Spurs at home was ridiculous in my view.

The Egyptian walked through a Mauricio Pochettino side known for being tight at the back and even had the time and space to chip the ball over Hugo Lloris. That goal is closely rivaled by the hatrick goal he scored against Watford.

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Signing of the Season: Mohamed Salah

How many players make this kind of impact in their debut season? Not many at all. For evidence of why he has been incredible this season, read Jack Hallows’ article on the stats behind his season.

Game of the Season: Liverpool 3-0 Manchester City

The game that had fans believing truly for the first time. Klopp’s mission when he came to Liverpool was to get supporters to believe and not to dream.

When the final whistle went and the Reds had beaten City 3-0 in a Champions League quarter-final, there was a psychological shift in the fanbase that took this team up a notch.

If and when Liverpool win the Champions League final in Kiev later this month, this game will be what I remember most.

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