Could this £42m man be Liverpool’s alternative to Naby Keïta?

Renato Sanches of Bayern Munich missed a penalty
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Renato Sanches is up for grabs and at £42m he’d represent not only an easier option but a cheaper one for Liverpool. Should they swoop? 

I’m going to come out and be entirely honest here, I’ve very rarely seen Renato Sanches play.

However, from the Bayern Munich and Portugal appearances I have seen him make, he looks one hell of a player for someone who is actually younger than me!

Strong, tall, quick, a smart passer of the ball and possessing a rocket of a shot, Sanches was awarded Europe’s coveted Golden Boy trophy in 2016 and also won the Young Player of the Tournament in Portugal’s victorious 2016 campaign.

Despite these awards and performances winning him his first big money move to Bayern Munich, Sanches’ career really hasn’t taken off in the way he might have imagined and now, with Tolisso and Rodriguez joining the club and Goretzka possibly on his way too, the Portuguese starlet finds himself surplus to requirements.

With Bayern Munich reportedly very willing to sell for the right offer – believed to be in the region of £42m – the midfielder would represent a much easier option for the Reds if they do decide to turn elsewhere given RB Leipzig’s hardball stance over current target Naby Keita.

His price tag is also significantly lower than the £71m supposedly bid for Keïta this week and would free up £30m in extra funds to put into a massive bid for van Dijk, or strengthen another area of the squad entirely.

The player can operate as the deepest lying option in a midfield three or as a box-to-box midfielder and his ability to break up play and create chances from deeper positions on the pitch would be of huge help to the Reds in breaking down deep-lying defences.

If Klopp does target the midfielder, he will have to move quickly, as AC Milan are said to be heavily involved in negotiations with the Bavarian club as they bid to make him their next signing in an incredibly busy transfer window.

What do you think? Would Renato Sanches be a good fit at Liverpool? 


  1. Yes, it would be wonderful to sign him and the saga of Keita would end. Nothing would change liverpools stance on courtinho so why should we presume that Leipzig should cave in and sell Keita. They won,t, red bull do not need to worry about money so I personally think it is hopeless. On the other hand we stand a good chance of buying van dyjk if the money is right, and we need him far more to progress. I hope that Klopp is sensible and let’s Keita go.

  2. SF is absolutely right….! If Leipzig don’t want to sell at any cost than we shud go for R.sanches .It will be a great addition. Moreover the remaining money can be used for buying vvd.

  3. I agree, ranato is decent we waisting just time.on keita as they won’t sell. get.the lad then we can concentrate on defence which is our biggest issue. just off topic, I love Daniel stur and his excellent striker but why are we not selling him and buy aub, at 62 mil I.feel.his a steel selling Daniel should cover about half that.

  4. I think renato sanches is the player liverpool should go 4,by the way the asking price 42m pounds is cheap and a very good one 4 liverpool,so that he can also puchase both renato sanches and van dilk,let jurden klopp forget about keita and forcuse on renato sanches and van dilk

  5. I think he is a nice player with so much potential and the fee is also reasonable, go for him and save the balance for the pursuit of VVJ

  6. we tired of the keita saga,in my opinion,signing him was going to be a gamble considering the work load and pressure the premier league carries.Let’s move on to Sanchez who is available.Please Fsg,we don’t want a scenario were we wake up when the transfer date has elapsed then we fed with more excuses.

  7. Sanchez would be a good fit for Liverpool a lot cheaper than Keira.Go for it, and n go all out for Van Dyjk.

  8. TBH I don’t fancy Keita much, or this fella Sanches. Its not that I don’t rate them, as I really do. My rationale is that the Liverpool outfield is somewhat lacking in the height department and I believe that this is a significant contributory factor in our weakness at set pieces. If you’re a 6’3″ midfielder on a corner being marked by 5’8″ Keita…. you’d fancy your chances! And with LFC already having Clyne, Moreno, Coutino, Firmino, Salah all below 5’10” it means we have the smallest team in the prem. Keita at 5’8″ and Sanches at a whopping 5’9″ along side all our other shorties will continue to get bullied by the bigger players – yes we’ll play them off the park in open play, but concede at set pieces…

  9. That player is very good. However the problem is that Liverpool are not serious about signing players. They aren’t solving last season’s problems. They were weak and “leaking” at the back, conceading sillu goals.

  10. I don’t rate Sanchez that highly. I saw him play for Portugal at U21 or U23 level over the summer and he looked really low on confidence and unsure in his positioning. For a supposed attacking midfielder he rarely scores, so Bayern have tried to turn him into a central/holding midfielder, but he doesn’t have the football brain yet. He would be nowhere near our first team on current form.
    Keita is miles better and has the ability to break up play and carry the ball forward quickly. Henderson and Keita would work well in tandem. Height is an issue, but that’s why we need a dominant centre back. I also think Grujic is going to play a lot more this season, and he’s quite tall.

  11. This guy is ok. BUT he is not like for like with Keita. He is more of a wide man, a winger and we are now fully stocked on those. Keita plays right in the middle in the heart of the team that’s the difference. We just need to buy a DM we have enough attacking mid-fielders.

  12. Comment:if Leipzig don’t want to sell pls go for Sanchez, Sanchez is even more good cheap strong pls go for him as quick as possible pls many club are signing

  13. Comment:actually you guys are making sense firstly, Liverpool are too slow in this summer transfer on like last year…if you need a player go for him so far there is money to spend, we need to make the third offer for Keita and pick him from Leipzig because Klopp knows the type of player that can fit his style rather than Sanchez and move on to sign another player like Van Dujk and a good striker as a point man bcoz those are the areas that needs to be strengthen this summer

  14. A cheaper option is to sign Emre Can on a long term contract. He can grow to be a very good player with the correct exposure and coaching.


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