Michael Baddeley takes a look at what is wrong with Liverpool’s transfer dealings.

I think it’s safe to say Liverpool’s transfer window was a bit – meh. Nothing more, nothing less. All the promise of times changing under Klopp when it came to transfers and it seems to be the same as ever. Which brings me to a massive question, is it really the manager’s fault?

I know Klopp said that he will have full control over transfers, and I have no doubt that he does have the final say but a club of Liverpool’s stature can’t be consistently finding average players can they? There are so many players out there that can be considered ‘top class’ and fit the requirements needed when playing in a Jürgen Klopp team, it’s not like we haven’t got the money to sign them either, so what is going wrong?

Is it the scouting team? Is FSG’s transfer policy limiting Klopp’s options? Or are we expecting too much and the actual reality is that we can’t attract top talent?

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