Is It Time Liverpool Had A New Leader?

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According to Dave Davis, Jordan Henderson could be usurped as Liverpool skipper.

How do you replace the irreplaceable? Since Stevie G left at the end of the 2014/15 season, we’ve all been pondering this. Who would bail us out in our darkest moments? Who would drag an average team to the level? Who would be the new leader that we’d rally behind? A likeable lad Jordon Henderson maybe, but there’s a growing suspicion that he may not be part of Klopp’s long term plans, never mind his chosen leader.

After initially overcoming the burden of a huge transfer fee and dodging a move to Fulham, the former Sunderland midfielder flourished under Brendan Rodgers. Despite a disappointing 2014/15 campaign for the Reds, Henderson managed an excellent 7 goals and 15 assists. Fast forward twelve months and a return of 2 goals and 3 assists under Klopp raises some serious questions.

Despite controversial comments about his gait from Alex Ferguson, it’s been a heel injury that’s been a reoccurring problem for Henderson. Rumours were put to bed that the injury is incurable, yet the skippers movement and passing range seemed restricted and a player with a superb engine found himself hooked on more than one occasion.

As the 2016/17 season rapidly approaches, there are no Carraghers, Kuyts or Hyppias to turn too. A groundswell of opinion is forming for a change though with split popularity between two prominent candidates. Since his successful appeal, feelings for Mamadou Sakho are at an all time high. A cult figure among Koppites, previous experience with the armband at both Paris Saint-Germain and France may see the Parisian given increased responsibility in the ‘Country Of Liverpool’.

The other option has echoes back to a previous regime. Sami Hyppia was already a hero of the Kop when in 2001, Gerard Houllier appointed a 23 year old Huyton lad to the role. Emre Can is not a local lad by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s a belief with many that at 22 years old the German international would similarly thrive on the responsibility if handed too him. The former Leverkusen midfielder enjoys a similar cult status at Anfield and could unite a fan base at the start of a huge campaign.

Henderson has kept the armband since Klopp’s arrival. With rumours of Dahoud, Zielinksi and others being pursued, he may just be looking over his shoulder.

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  1. He should be looking over his shoulder,he was never worth the money paid for him and never captain of Liverpool Football Club ( Average for assists,scoring,get well rid )

  2. Could understand if Henderson was taken off as captain; whether it was his injury or not, his ability to be the quarterback of the team didn’t show last season. Not sure about Can, needs more development without the responsibility. WADA still haven’t finished with Sakho even if their argument appears crazy – the head tester could end up as a defence witness. Milner or Lovren? Thought Lovren improved massively until injured

  3. Not really progressed to a level where he warrants the captaincy for me which is a shame because I thought he genuinely could kick on , injuries this year have taken there toll on him and at the moment he is not a shoe in to start in first 11.
    As for new skipper there are not a huge amount of what I would describe as leaders in the squad sakho if wada don’t get involved or Milner are the obvious choices for me

  4. Truth – think he’s justified the £20 million tag and he was immense in 13/14 and 14/15, injury seems main reason for issues

    John – Milner and Lovren not guaranteed starters and Milner def not Liverpool captain material.

    Gaz – agreed injuries robbed him somewhat.

  5. Is anyone sure that they will start next year, though I would personally prefer a English captain, (Milner), the remaining candidates do not possess natural leadership, bearing that in mind I would therefore lean towards the player Klopp seems to be building his team around Cortinho!


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