Alex Rogers discuss Jordan Henderson’s future and outlines supporters obligation to stand by players in spite of difficult circumstances.

Jordan Henderson has had, to put it bluntly, a terrible first season as Liverpool captain. Having only played 23 games this season he missed more games than he has played.

When Gerrard handed down the captaincy to Henderson, who had continued to impress, it seemed like the right choice. In fact I was very pleased that Jordan was given the honour.

One year on and people want his captaincy stripped and, sadly, it is hard to defend him. To be honest, anyone would struggle to take over from Gerrard.

Henderson suffered terribly from injury this season, being told that the heel injury he sustained has no real medical cure and that he will need to manage the pain he feels for the foreseeable future. Having only made 23 appearances for Liverpool this season, 2 as a substitute it’s safe to say this injury is a real worry for Jordan.
In the games that Henderson has played, he hasn’t been anything special. A few good games here and there, but also a few games where it was hard to notice that he was even on the pitch.

Next season, Jordan isn’t even guaranteed a starting place in the team that he captains. Personally, I feel your captain should be the first name on the team sheet, and having to question if Henderson is worthy to start for us says a lot.

When a young Jordan Henderson was given the role of vice-captain, he flourished, showing that he deserved to be a part of this team after being labelled a flop. It’s safe to say that Henderson, on his day, is a fantastic player as he has shown many many times. Just because he may not have had an amazing season does not make him a bad player.

Next season, I feel that Henderson needs to show all of his doubters that he deserves to stay at this club, potentially not as captain, but nevertheless a part of this team.

I’ve seen many rumours floating around on social media that Henderson may be on his way out of Liverpool and many of our own fans saying that they would be happy to see him go. To those people I want to remind them about our 2013-14 season. Where Henderson was a pivotal part of our campaign where we came painstakingly close to winning the title.

What we need from Henderson next season is the Hendo of old. He has already proven what he is capable of, and what he is capable of is exactly what we need and should definitely hold onto.

Yes, he had a lacklustre season last season and yes, he definitely should be better next season. But I feel lambasting him is the wrong way about it. I feel many of our fans forget what our club is about, or even what our motto is. “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” We need to stand by Jordan, he knows more than anyone that he needs to deliver next season if he wants a future here and I feel he has deserved the right to fight for it. I stand by Jordan even if many people are starting to turn on him.

This injury that Jordan has may be a bigger problem than people realize and that he will need time to adapt. We can’t just get rid of players after one bad season, look at Lovren for example. I feel people should judge him next season if he truly deserves to stay, and hopefully, he will have silenced his doubters. Again.

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