Liverpool have been accused of disrespecting Europa League opponents LASK.

The Reds have been drawn with the Austrians as they prepare for their first campaign out of the Champions League in eight years.

But according to Austrian outlet Kronen Zeitung, Liverpool are already in LASK’s bad books. That’s because the Reds have reportedly provided some false information about the club following last week’s draw. Liverpool are said to have made two ‘nonsense’ claims about LASK on their official website.

Liverpool Europa League
Photo by Valerio Pennicino – UEFA/UEFA via Getty Images

Firstly, the Reds reported that their opponents had made it to last year’s Europa Conference League last 16, when it was actually the year before. They weren’t in Europe at all last season. Then, it was claimed that manager Thomas Sageder is a former LASK player, also dismissed as completely untrue.

Described as ‘weak and embarrassing’ by the paper, they also claim that the Austrians should expect a little more respect from Liverpool. Oh dear.

Liverpool accused of disrespect

This isn’t a good look for Liverpool. Although the mistakes in themselves are minor, they’re also very quickly disproved.

To get such things wrong would show a lack of care at the best of times. But with the Reds so used to playing higher level opposition, it can easily be seen as being disrespectful.

That won’t have been Liverpool’s intentions of course, but you can understand how it’s been taken that way.

Liverpool Europa League
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Nevertheless, these things hardly matter in the grand scheme of things. LASK will be shown the greatest of respect both by Jurgen Klopp and his team, and by the club as a whole.

As seen by their building of bridges with Real Madrid last season, Liverpool know how to treat visitors from the continent.

They have put their foot in their collective mouth this time, but they’ll surely smooth that out.

As for matters on the pitch, this will likely give LASK added incentive to beat Liverpool, as if they needed any. The Reds will have to rise to that, and we’re sure that they will.