Liverpool prospect Ben Doak has plenty of similarities to a young Wayne Rooney breaking through at Everton.

Doak has been a revelation over his first 12 months at Liverpool. Since arriving from Celtic last summer, the 17-year-old has really started making a name for himself.

And according to Scotland U21 coach Scott Gemmill, watching Doak brings back echoes of a teenaged Rooney. Having seen Rooney come through the Everton ranks, and now coaching Doak for Scotland, Gemmill told the Daily Record that there are clear stylistic comparisons.

Ben Doak
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“It’s really exciting to see a player have that ambition and mentality,” raved the coach.

“I was lucky enough to be at Everton when Wayne Rooney broke through at 16 and there are similarities, for sure. Undoubtedly you can see they have that (same) speed and sharpness.

“Not just the physical speed but the speed of thought as well. That anticipation which is a real natural football sense of where the ball is going to drop and how to win second balls and knockdowns, where to run and where to move.

“Of course a lot of that can be and is coached and it’s testament to the academies they’ve come through and the people they’ve worked with. But a lot of it is down to mentality and personality too and they [Doak and Rooney] have similar personalities in that respect.”

Doak given Rooney compliment

This is some comparison to make from Gemmill. Having witnessed Rooney’s rise first-hand, he’s well placed to make that call.

And although he played for Liverpool’s two most hated rivals, Rooney really was a special player.

There aren’t many who can break through at such a young age and look completely at home in men’s football. Rooney did, and you have to say that Doak does as well.

Ben Doak
Photo by Mark Leech/Offside via Getty Images

He may not be given the keys to the kingdom as Rooney was at Everton, but he looks every bit as fearless as the Scouser was.

Scotland senior manager Steve Clarke said yesterday that Doak will have to wait for his inevitable senior national call-up. But, honestly, what’s the point in waiting?

Doak has already shown that he’s perfectly capable of dealing with the rough and tumble of playing with player’s 10 or 15 years older than him.

Just like Rooney, you feel as though he’s destined for big things, right from the off. Of course, patience is needed, but Doak really is special. By this time next year, the whole world’s going to know that.

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