Gary Lineker has named Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp as the current manager he’d most liked to have played under.

Klopp didn’t have the greatest of seasons at Liverpool last time out, but he’s still one of the very best in the business.

And speaking on The Rest Is Football podcast, Lineker admitted that if he could have his time again, the German would be his manager of choice.

Jurgen Klopp
Photo by James Gill – Danehouse/Getty Images

“I’d go first with Jurgen Klopp. I think he’d be a great manager to play for,” raved the pundit. “Dynamic football, create loads of chances and from a selfish perspective I think I would have liked that.”

Many Liverpool fans won’t be old enough to have seen Lineker in his prime, this one included. But we couldn’t have do with a poacher like him!

Lineker chooses Jurgen

Although Pep Guardiola remains the game’s most defining coach, you can see plenty of other players past and present choosing the same Lineker here.

In terms of trophy wins, Jurgen may not be up there with Pep, but he’s an equally as brilliant coach, in different ways.

The intense, dynamic football style is one thing, but how about Klopp’s man-management?

Jurgen Klopp
Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Guardiola will surely have his own, brilliant ways of dealing with his players. But have you ever seen him have a relationship with them like the Liverpool boss does?

Players want to run through brick walls for Jurgen. His hugs are legendary and his team talks are too.

The German’s very presence has no doubt been enough to drag several big signings over the line for Liverpool. With key days ahead in the transfer window, he could yet have that same impact again.

Having looked a little downbeat this time last year, Klopp looks up for the fight again this time around. As Lineker’s words show, he continues to be one of the club’s biggest and best assets.

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