Mohamed Salah could be open to leaving Liverpool as his relationship with Jurgen Klopp deteriorates.

Salah has been in the news this week, as Saudi Pro League side Al Ittihad renew their push to sign him. And according to journalist Graeme Bailey, the Egyptian may be open to the move.

“We did an interview this week with Mahmoud Eid, who’s one of the most powerful men in Egyptian football, a very close friend of Mo Salah,” Bailey told 90min’s Talking Transfers Podcast.

Mohamed Salah
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“He intimated at how, not unhappy he was, but not happy with the treatment Mo Salah was getting. And that is the feeling in Egypt and around their world. They don’t like how Jurgen Klopp is treating him.

“This has been bubbling under. The relationship between Salah and Klopp has always been bubbling under. We don’t think that relationship is all sweetness and happy, it really isn’t. It’s not good.

“Al Ittihad think there’s a chink, they think there’s a glimmer of light there. That’s why they’re doing it. They think there’s a chance here. It’s not a completely open door but they think there’s a bit of light there.

“It’s why they’re progressing, talking with Salah’s people, making sure the deal’s over the line. There’s no point in getting it done with Liverpool if they know Salah’s doing it, but he will. I don’t think it’s likely, but I don’t think it’s impossible.”

Salah not happy with Klopp treatment

Let’s get something straight. If Mohamed Salah leaves Liverpool this summer, it won’t be because of any souring of relations with his manager.

Klopp’s coaching has built Mo into the player he is today. The system created by the German has allowed the £34m signing to become one of the most prolific forwards in the modern game.

They have their moments of disagreement, of course. Klopp is an emotional manager and Salah is someone who never wants to be taken off, for example.

Mohamed Salah

But how could it be conceived that their relationship is not good?

Salah is a jovial chap. Aside from when he’s throwing a strop about being substituted, he generally tends to be smiling and joking around the AXA Training Centre. Jurgen is exactly the same. They don’t look like two people who can’t stand the sight of each other.

No, if Mo does decide to call it a day at Liverpool in order to join Al Ittihad, there will only be one reason for that: money.

If Salah didn’t want to work with Jurgen anymore, he could move to any top club on the planet, they’d all have him. Why oh why would he decide to go to the Pro League? Oh yeah, we know why!

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