Something has happened between Jurgen Klopp and the Liverpool fans, to make the Reds boss upset.

There was a strange moment captured on the Anfield pitch-side microphones on Saturday, as Klopp could be heard screaming at the crowd to stop singing his song.

Naturally, the bizarre incident has become a talking point amongst Liverpool fans and the wider footballing world. Just why was Jurgen so upset? Weighing in on The Footballer’s Football Podcast, West Ham forward Michail Antonio has put forward his theory.

Jurgen Klopp
Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

“Something has to have happened for him to be like I don’t want to hear it,” says the 33-year-odl.

“That’s the only reason why he would be annoyed that much to be actually shouting at the fans to stop singing!”

Jurgen shows his grumpy side

The truth here is probably a little more mundane than the likes of Antonio would like to believe.

Klopp has previously mentioned that he isn’t a big fan of the home support serenading him. It isn’t that he doesn’t like the ‘I’m So Glad’ song himself, it’s more that he just wants to hear support for the players.

That’s an admirable stance for the manager to take, of course. He’s always been his player’s biggest fan and it’s nice that he wants them to take all the credit.

Jurgen Klopp
Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

But at the same time, his reaction was certainly a little over the top. Some will even feel that Jurgen crossed a line.

The supporters are free to sing whatever they like when inside the crowd, within reason. It’s all good support for the team and leads to a positive atmosphere.

He may prefer to hear songs for the likes of Virgil van Dijk or Diogo Jota to be belted out, but Klopp doesn’t get to decide that.

As ever with these things though, it’s just a mountain out of a mole hill. Antonio is free to think whatever he likes, but nothing has happened between the Liverpool fans and their bearded leader. He’s just a bit grumpy sometimes!

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