Romeo Lavia reportedly snibbed a move to Liverpool because the midfielder believed he was being played around with the Reds.

According to journalist Sacha Tavolieri, the Belgian felt like he was no longer considered a priority after Liverpool launched a club-record bid to sign Moises Caicedo having failed to meet Southampton’s asking price for Lavia.

With Chelsea ultimately signing Caicedo and now Lavia, Liverpool have been well and truly embarrassed this week in the transfer market, with the Reds now left completely empty-handed.

Although Caicedo would have been an unreal signing, there’s no denying that Liverpool went about acquiring Lavia in a horrible manner, with the Reds leaving the teenager feeling undesired.

Indeed, the 19-year-old could have been a brilliant long-term signing as well as a potential replacement for now for Fabinho, yet Liverpool’s treatment of Lavia was nothing short of disrespectful.

Lavia had every right to refuse Liverpool this week

Liverpool Lavia
Photo by George Wood/Getty Images

There’s no telling how well Lavia will do at Chelsea, with many expecting the midfielder to be a bench player given that the Blues have already signed Caicedo this window.

Yet if one thing is certain, it’s that Lavia had every right to reject a move to Liverpool given how the Reds went about signing the midfielder when everything pointed to the Southampton star making the switch to Anfield.

Liverpool disrespected and put the Belgian international to one side having originally looked like they were going to sign Lavia, and the midfielder has slipped through their fingers and to a rival side where his career could now stall.

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