Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah is perhaps the only right-winger in the world better than Bukayo Saka right now.

After an excellent season last time out, Saka picked up where he left of today, bagging in Arsenal’s opening game of the season. And a lovely goal it was at that.

Covering the game for TNT Sports, Rio Ferdinand was asked whether there’s anyone who can claim to be better than Saka in his position right now.

Mohamed Salah
Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

“I think Salah’s in the conversation,” admitted the Manchester United legend. “I think Salah right now gets more goals, so I’d put Salah maybe ahead of him.

“He’s [Salah] had good experience, he’s won things as well. His resume is that much more fuller because of the age as well and experience. This kid’s [Saka] on the way, on the tracks to get up to those heights

“You’ve got remember, Salah was hitting late 20’s, 30 goals a season consistently. He’s got to get to that and I think he will.

“Salah wasn’t doing this, what Saka’s doing, at this age. He wasn’t deciding games at the top level, in the Premier League consistently for a top team, he wasn’t.”

Salah still miles ahead of Saka

Until Saka can consistently hit the numbers that Salah has been doing for Liverpool for the past half-decade, this isn’t even a debate.

The Arsenal man is no doubt a very good player. He showed that last season by hitting double figures for goals and assists in the Premier League.

But with a title on the line, Saka really failed to turn up when his team really needed him.

Mohamed Salah
Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

By contrast, Salah has stepped his game up and been the main man at Liverpool time after time after time. Perhaps the England international will get to that level some day, but in truth, not many have.

As Liverpool head into another season, it seems that Mo is once again having to prove himself. This shouldn’t even be a debate at this stage.

Until Saka has won what our Egyptian King has won in the game, both personally and on a team level, it will continue to have just one answer.

Maybe Saka is the second best right-winger in the Premier League, we can give him that. But there’s a long, long, long gap between him and the number one.

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