Departing Liverpool forward Roberto Firmino was really touched at the sight of a new mural painted in his honour near Anfield.

As part of the activities to honour Firmino for his eight years as a Liverpool player, a huge portrait of the Brazilian has been painted on houses close to the stadium.

Bobby scored a Kop-end goal in his final Anfield appearance today, showing a glimpse into why the gesture is fully deserved. And speaking in his post-match press conference, Klopp revealed that the 31-year-old was amazed to see the tribute yesterday.

Roberto Firmino
Photo by John Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

“What the people did anyway, like the mural for Bobby Firmino… I don’t know when I was the last time that touched,” said the Reds boss. “Yesterday we drove to the stadium because we leave our cars here and then you pass that and it’s not finished yet, it was in the middle of something, and you think, ‘Wow.'”

“How often these people do the right things in the right moment is absolutely insane. It was a big, big gesture and Bobby was really like this [touched]. It’s a big gesture, I have to say, really big.”

Firmino makes his mark on Liverpool

Throughout his Liverpool career, Firmino has often been overlooked in favour of other, more glamorous players.

Of course, he’s still been celebrated immensely. The tributes to him this week show just how much Reds fans love him.

But still, it’s absolutely great to see such a public display of gratitude as the mural. If he didn’t know it already, Bobby should now be in no doubt of the place he holds in all Liverpool fans’ hearts.

Roberto Firmino

Thankfully, they got the chance to show that at Anfield today. Unlike with Sadio Mane, for example, the Brazilian has been afforded the opportunity to say an emotional goodbye.

It’ll be interesting to see where Bobby moves onto next season. No doubt he’ll be inundated with offers.

Wherever he ends up though, he’ll always be Liverpool’s. Any time he returns to Anfield, he’ll see his face beaming back at him and know that he is exactly where he should be.

So, Firmino may be leaving, but the memories and feelings he’s given everyone connected with Liverpool FC will last a lifetime. That deserves to be celebrated.

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