Callum Wilson and Michail Antonio respond when asked if Liverpool are making top four this year
Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images

Callum Wilson and Michail Antonio respond when asked if Liverpool are making top four this year

Newcastle United striker Callum Wilson isn’t convinced that Liverpool have turned a corner with their form.

Wilson was recently on the receiving end of a defeat against the Reds – beaten 2-0 at St James’ Park on Saturday. But speaking to The Footballer’s Football Podcast, the England international suggested Liverpool simply got lucky.

“If we scored our chances early it’s a different game. I personally feel that we have beaten teams this season that have performed better than what Liverpool did at our place,” said Wilson.

“I just felt that we were off it, they were on it, they scored at good times and we went down to 10 men and we actually played better with 10 and dominated the game. We performed better on the day, but the only stat that matters is goals and who wins.”

Asked by co-host Michail Antonio whether Liverpool are now a threat to his team in the Premier League top four race, Wilson sounded doubtful.

“You’re asking me are Liverpool back? What do you want me to say? They have won two games after the last couple of weeks and like I’m saying we technically let them win, it was a poor performance from our point of view,” replied the 30-year-old.

Antonio doesn’t rule out the Reds

Forget his thoughts on Liverpool’s form for a moment, Wilson’s comments about last weekend’s game are pretty bizarre.

Yes, the Reds weren’t at their best, that’s true. But Newcastle ‘technically let them win’? We’re not sure about that.

Photo by Serena Taylor/Newcastle United via Getty Images

Thankfully, co-host Antonio took a more balanced view of things. Picking up Wilson’s claim, the West Ham United forward said he wouldn’t rule Liverpool out.

“They are on an upwards trajectory,” said Antonio. “I know you say it’s only two games but two games they have won in a row, so it starts somewhere. The fact they have won two on the bounce. It’s started. They can build on this because that’s two games on the bounce now and the confidence can start coming back in and then they can become the Liverpool who they want to be and who they are.

“But I’m saying you cannot rule them out, I’m not going to say they are going to finish top four, that’s something I can’t say, but I’m saying you can’t rule them out now. They have games in hand and I think it’s six points they are adrift, Liverpool can easily get that back.”

Bang on the money from Antonio. You certainly can’t say with any certainty that Liverpool will achieve their Champions League goal this season. But given the last couple of results, you absolutely cannot rule them out either.

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