Gary Neville backs Jurgen Klopp to 'thrive' with upcoming Liverpool task
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Gary Neville backs Jurgen Klopp to 'thrive' with upcoming Liverpool task

Gary Neville expects Jurgen Klopp to ‘thrive’ with what Liverpool will now ask him to do. The boss is in his element.

Things aren’t really working at Liverpool right now. Jurgen Klopp has tried just about everything with this squad, it seems, but can’t find something that clicks.

The Reds have their moments, of course, but are far from the side of the last five years. It’s looking more and more likely that a rebuild is on the way – but how does that suit the boss?

After all, few top managers can rebuild their side into something new. Most depart after a period of success – just because you can lead a team to trophies doesn’t mean you can also build a new one.

Gary Neville, though, believes Jurgen Klopp is the rare type of manager who can do both. He backs him to ‘thrive’ as Liverpool ask him to rebuild their side.

Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

“I think he’ll thrive on this, Jurgen Klopp, because I think that Liverpool are a club that won’t put him under pressure in any form in the next 12 months, 18 months because they know what great a manager they have,” Neville told his Podcast.

“And then with the investment you think is going to come into the club – through a sale or whatever’s going to happen – you think he’d be armed with money to get new players, rebuild that midfield, get players back and then just realign them, reset them again.”

Jurgen Klopp to thrive at Liverpool

Building great teams has been Klopp’s great strength. He did it with a double-winning Borussia Dortmund side and then went worth with World champions at Liverpool.

But he’s never actually rebuilt a team before. Tearing apart something successful to create a new great side isn’t something you typically see in the modern game. It’s incredibly difficult, after all, to recapture the magic and a new manager is usually brought in to oversee things.

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We expect Neville is correct, though. Klopp will get the time and the patience he needs to rebuild at Liverpool. Dortmund would have given him that, of course, but the hope is that the Reds can offer the money they couldn’t.

Perhaps, as Neville says, that requires investment. But if Liverpool do give Klopp what he needs, we don’t think there’s any question that he can get the Reds firing at the very top once again.

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