Qatar Investment Authority reportedly set FSG ultimatum to kickstart Liverpool sale
Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Qatar Investment Authority reportedly set FSG ultimatum to kickstart Liverpool sale

The Qatar Investment Authority have set an ultimate to FSG over a Liverpool sale, according to reports. The Reds could soon have an offer.

This comes from the Daily Mail. They claim that the Qatar Investment Authority have essentially set FSG an ultimatum.

They wish to purchase Liverpool in either a full takeover or buy a majority stake in the club. If FSG aren’t willing to sign away either, the QIA will simply walk away.

This will force FSG into a big decision. Recent reports suggest they’re really only wanting to sell a minority stake – both the Independent and the Athletic said as much over the last week or so.

Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

That comes after plenty of talk that John Henry doesn’t really want to part with Liverpool. Selling a smaller stake to bring in money for transfer funds would keep the Reds competitive – and allow FSG to hold onto an enormously valuable asset.

The QIA aren’t all that interested in such a proposal, it seems. If FSG wish to do business with them, they’ve got to be prepared to give up a lot.

Qatar Investment Authority to talk with FSG over Liverpool sale

The QIA is enormously wealthy, with assets in February 2022 said to stand at $445bn. For some perspective, Qatar Sports Investments – the group that owns Paris Saint-Germain – is reportedly a subsidiary of the QIA.

And so for those wanting Liverpool to join the group of clubs with bottomless wealth, this should all be good news. But there’s baggage – to say the least.

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Liverpool would also join the group of clubs used for sports washing. They’d essentially be owned by the state of Qatar and would be used for marketing purposes. For all of FSG’s faults, they haven’t tried to turn the club into anything but a football team that makes them money. QIA would be different.

Many would have an enormous problem with that – and rightfully so. If the QIA are serious about Liverpool, this is going to be a contentious topic.

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