Report: Huge takeover development now emerges out of Liverpool, FSG could leave sooner than expected
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Report: Huge takeover development now emerges out of Liverpool, FSG could leave sooner than expected

A fresh takeover development has now emerged for Liverpool, and it could see Fenway Sports Group leave earlier than originally expected.

According to a report by The Telegraph, a formal bid for the Reds is expected to be made next month.

This is also the case for Manchester United, as it is said that the auctions for England’s two biggest clubs are now in full swing.

It has previously been suggested that any progress with a Liverpool takeover would likely come towards the back end of the year.

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However, it now appears FSG could have a realistic offer on the table in February.

Consequently, this would see the American owners leave sooner than first expected – with it thought that they would still be involved in some capacity at the end of 2023.

While there is always the possibility of minority investment being made into the club, The Telegraph’s report suggests a full-takeover, as it talks about the ‘auctions’ of both sides – and the Glazers are hoping selling their full stake in United.

Formal bid expected next month

Although this is really positive for Liverpool, it also appears to be slightly odd news to emerge.

It doesn’t necessarily make sense for a potential investor to leak that they’re going to make a bid for the club. This is especially the case when the offer isn’t going to be made imminently; it is going to be submitted in February.

If the bid was expected this coming week, this would make much more sense, as it wouldn’t give competitors the chance to beat them making an initial offer.

Therefore, the situation could possibly be that sources know more than they’re letting on.

Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Potentially, this could mean the Reds have already received an approach, and that the deal is further along than publicly known. Although this is purely speculation, it would make sense for FSG.

Either way, after this development, news is expected to emerge next month. Whether those negotiations go ahead smoothly, is yet to be seen.

However, with a bid coming sooner than expected, this could see FSG out of the door earlier than originally thought.

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