'Really, really hard': Jurgen Klopp sees Liverpool moving towards 'tough' problem, it'll test the entire squad
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'Really, really hard': Jurgen Klopp sees Liverpool moving towards 'tough' problem, it'll test the entire squad

Jurgen Klopp shared his thoughts on the 2022 World Cup this week. The Liverpool boss isn’t expecting good things.

This season will be a unique one, to say the least. FIFA awarded the 2022 World Cup to Qatar, after all, but it proved too hot for a summer tournament. Instead, it’ll take place this winter – right in the middle of the European football calendar.

Now, North and South American leagues will say this is normal – they’ve dealt with it for decades. European football, though, isn’t setup for a mid-season break and will instead attempt to finish the season as normal.

But that means a period of incredibly intense football for the game’s biggest names this winter. There are all kinds of questions around what that means – players won’t want to risk injury over the first half of the season. They might not be in any state to contribute for the following months, either.

In other words, it’s a worry and that’s certainly how Jurgen Klopp sees things. He shared his thoughts on the World Cup with ESPN – and he doesn’t expect it to be easy.

Jurgen Klopp on the 2022 World Cup

“We have a big group [of players] going to the World Cup, but thank god they can’t all go to the final,” said Klopp. “A lot of them can go to the semis, which is the same length of the tournament, so it will be tough.

“And then a week later, the boys have to play again.

“It’s really, really hard, but that’s the situation and it’s the same for all of us and that’s the only good thing about it.”

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It’s easy to see why Klopp is worried. The World Cup will run from November 21st to December 18th and Liverpool play on December 26th. There’s very little turnaround here for the players who go the furthest.

It’s difficult to see how it ends up being a good thing for football across Europe and everyone can expect a bit of chaos. At the end of the day, though, we just don’t know how players and clubs will deal with things – it’s never happened before.

But it’ll certainly be interesting to find out.

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